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Outer Inner Space

(Estrogen levels)



Luteal Phase


The Luteal Phase

is a come-down of sorts.


You’re switching up from one way of being

to something else


Outer Inner Space



Energy comes in bursts

thanks to a  surge of testosterone produced

during Ovulation.


The testosterone helps with

analytical tasks and can help check off work

and tie off loose ends.

Save admin/bookwork for energy bursts in

the Luteal Phase.


    ⚡ editing

    ⚡ personal accounting

    ⚡ reviewing

    ⚡ administatrative tasks

    ⚡ organisation / planning

    ⚡ consolidation

    ⚡ decision making



Keep in mind,

energy will peak and trough,

so even one task completed

in a day is a major feat.

The rest of the ‘work’ is expressed through ‘life’ work, like cleaning the house,

running errands,

tending to relationships

as well as your own

energy field maintenance.


You're transitioning

between the external world


your inner world.

Outer Inner Space

< You






Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space

Consistent energy. Some days - no work at all — zero other days — everything flows and boom, you’re ahead. 


Chats/small talk. Sensitivity increases as body is peaking with hormones. 

It’s guiding you to feel in to your somatic (body) and psychic (vibration) messages 

Feeling energetic aversions like tightening of muscles/constriction of breath/clouded head around people/places etc can indicate a message you need to hear. 


Work. Priorities shift and your mental state and energetic honouring become more important than the needs of others. Working from home can be very 

advantageous during this phase if you can swing it. 


Social energy. If you’re inclined, plan/push social/networking activities for the next Follicular phase, rather than forcing yourself through it. 

Gifting yourself this is an act of self love.


Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space

Psychic perception.


Ability to enhance mundane tasks from chores into beautiful yet efficient experiences; 

i.e. going out somewhere comfortable and 

aesthetically pleasing to do invoices/accounts or setting the scene at home with essential oils, tea, music and something to look forward to helps wrap up those last projects.

Comfort. Comfort is key in all things. 


You time. Feel into your aura — if it’s clouded by your own concerns, or others concerns of you, ‘you-time’ needs to be increased. Your energy isn't necessarily 'unlimited here' and resting IS progress.


You kinda need to make yourself a promise you'll adjust gears when required.

i.e. when you noticing you're forcing

Once you remove

any inward resistance

to this different pace,

giving yourself space

all these channels

open up within.



Details become clear. 


It may take time.

Outer Inner Space

Luteal Phase

summary over


It's a process.

With regular tuning to your flow

(and not denying your energy levels)

you become a clearer channel.

You begin to 'know' your energy.


your relationship

to your intuition improves.

Outer Inner Space

Limbic Brain

Bring attention here



As energy becomes more

internal / reflective

psychic impressions increase.


You're consciously


insights from your subconscious.

You may see more in pictures,

download scenarios as complete packages,

receive action steps clear as day, or simply have less mental chatter as you detach

from direct involvement,

(less output, more input)

(i.e. self care).

In this adjusted pace,

you start seeing things from

this altered point of view. 


You can look over


from previous phases

 and view them from

an editing/refinement perspective.


Schedule time for

alpha wave moments

Honouring these appointments brings about a sense of


for giving you time to be you, however you are.

Scheduling 'free-time'

is an act of re-investment.

The dividends are significant.

Moments like this

establish a connection

with your intuition.

Many portals open

when you create the space

to receive the directions.


Cleansing as you clean

The Luteal Phase is

 a pre-nesting phase. 

The act of clearing your space,

moving the energy

and ridding energetic clutter

can change the field you exist in and clear the space

for new ideas to come through from your subconscious.

This work,

when done with presence,

can clear energetic channels

within you too.

Intend to release both inner and outer clutter as you clean.

Once you've cleared the space,

notice the energetic difference.

Be open to

(and prepared for)

brand new inspiration

to flood through

the emptiness created.

Take the time to bask

in the beautification process.


Connect to your

free-spirited nature

Dance, move, sing,

bend, run free.

Skip work.

Cast intentions.

There's a lot of magic in you

that probably has been

untapped for various reasons.

Here, we re-connect.

We see the magic

in and around us.

In nature, in people,

in ourselves.

Anchor these moments

into your being

with presence and attention

so they multiply.

Express the magic,

experience it.

Be grateful for it.


What would you do

with your free time,

if you trusted that

while you rest,

the Universe is taking care of it's part of the co-creation process?

What would you create

just for you,

just because you

want to see it emerge.

Let yourself act differently.

Let yourself see

outside of your patterns,

from a higher perspective.

Let yourself be free.

Trusting you.


The Luteal Phase somehow provides this ideal chemical (hormonal) balance so that we can see

what's working

and what's not.

It may not make sense,

it may not be

what we want

to see or hear,

but the information

is incredibly valuable

if we slow down enough

to notice.

Take notes for later.

You don't need to

process it all.

Just be open and receptive.

You may be directed places and experience synchronicity.

You may receive a cledon

as you walk down the street.

In time,

you'll definitely reinforce the knowing that as you honour the magic in you,

you start to see it in

your outer world.

As menstruation



Clean all softpants/lounge wear.

Stock up on the good smells/

the good food

(Menstrual = Sensual]


Make monotonous tasks beautiful

(like going somewhere nice to do your books, or working from home with comforting scents and nature breaks.


Do your ovaries feel blocked?

Are you tense in the hips?

The inner thighs?

We store a LOT of emotions here

(in our roots)

Hone in on the sensations,

because any images,


thoughts that arise

could be indicating

what would be good to release this cycle

(or at least begin the process)


Can it wait a week?


If you can clear your schedule for menstrual week,

or even parts of it

which require  lot of

energetic output,

 you give yourself  time to expand into your inner world.


Tell those to whom

it is relevant that you might be more internal/contemplative

(if that is the vibe for you)

to avoid miscommunication/

unnecessary conflict. 


of content telling you who you are

or where you could be.


Your presence is needed

with your body

at this time.

There are messages

waiting to come through.



It takes both 

focus and surrender

to navigate the

Luteal phase consciously.


Compassion too. 


If you’ve tended to yourself,

listening to requests for rest and

honouring your need

to do things at

your own speed,


you might find

you no longer

unconsciously  —

or consciously —

push people away

in order to create

some space around you

 in the days preceding



You might also find

that tuning into the nuances of your authentic rhythm,

brings a sense of

relaxation to the body,

reducing tension

leading up to 



Feeling that..


Outer Inner Space

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