Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space

Your 2nd house is the place to look for themes of personal values and self esteem. 


It concerns the natural skills and talents you have which can be used in the world to provide what you need.

It's a self-preservation

primal energy,

in that, it's the first instinct of power,

of being in the world.


Questions like:

What do I have/what do I need to have to give me power/esteem/resources

to protect myself?


It talks of your physical senses — sight, smell, taste, sound and touch and the quality of your experience with those senses.

And how those senses

can be gateways

to other

portals of your psyche.


Look to your 2nd House for themes specific to you

about what you truly need,

here in this physical world,

and the innate skills

and abilities you possess

in order to satisfy

those needs.

Try this:


Here's how:

First Step:
Look to the sign(s) of the 2nd house.
Second Step:
Look to the rulers of those signs and where those placements are. ​
Third Step:
Delve in  to the nature of those planets, and those signs, and consider how these qualities might relate to your self-esteem
and your natural abilities.

Even if those abilities aren't fully actualised.. it doesn't matter.
It's just about exploring the realm of what feels natural for you.
Here, the 2nd house is Aquarius.

Saturn and Uranus - rulers of Aquarius - are natal positioned in the 12th house.

Untitled_Artwork 649.jpg

Let what you know

about those signs

start your imagination

into how this might relate

to your own chart.


Since the 2nd House

is also aesthetics, senses

and quality,

for extra dimensionality

explore this exercise

somewhere you find

aesthetically pleasing

and comfortable,

somewhere you can

fully relax

your whole energy

for best results.

Take a look at what you value personally.


Is it loyalty?






Whatever it is,

how do you embody

that energy


Are you honest with yourself?

Do you give yourself

the freedom to explore

alternate life choices?

Do you hide you gifts

for fear of persecution?

Do you check in with yourself

about you feel?

As you embody

what you value

 you begin to amplify


Because there's no


Outer Inner Space

Synthesising the axis

Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space


Outer Inner Space

Astrology shows us the duality of life.

A much as you are specific sign,

you are equally the opposite.

The opposing houses

the opposing signs

require the other 

to operate in it's full expression

2nd House - 8th House Axis

When you truly recognise

the practical value of

what you have to offer

(2nd house),

it’s by natural law

that those who need your energy will be drawn to you


 if it’s backed by pure intentions and is authentic

to your true nature

you will be compensated accordingly

(8th house).

It's about over-coming fears

(8th house)

to know you're worth it

(2nd house).


Magical forces

conspire to align you with

the people who can

help your work prosper. 






This is the feminine state

of attracting what

you want/need.

It's about creating a space

to receive it.








It starts by recognising 

the value in yourself.

(2nd House)


This is by no means conceited, but a natural expression of the expanding universe.

It's nature doing what it does.


in its ability

to create

and also be provided for.

You emit.

You receive.




Think of what you most want to be seen for/what you feel people overlook about you

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for more about


the 2nd / 8th house axis

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