Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space


Understanding your

natal chart is one way to discover 

nuances to your energy

and feel out

different potentials

as to where to

direct or temper

your energy.

Each person's natal chart

indicates several layers of speed / rhythm.

Several keys to the song that is you.

For example,

Your chart ruler can indicate a base note of your authentic frequency

Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space

[ Which can help determine

timing / cycles to work with }

Outer Inner Space

And your Moon Sign can

indicate what you need to feel 

at home/comfortable in yourself.

Outer Inner Space
It's multi-dimensional,
like you.
The same is true of your phases.
Your timing.
It's Individually nuanced.
Specific to you.
Your natal chart is one layer. 
Hormones are another.
Multidimensional, remember?
There is no 'normal'.
No standard.