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Whatever the nuances 

of your heartache; 

whether a fresh break 

or a long-term lingering energy — 

the commonality is 

that YOU are experiencing 

these feelings. 

These sensations exist,

And your experience

is what matters most 

in this moment.

Instead of getting lost

in a black hole of anguish

I’ve created these notes

to guide you. 


The idea is you 

don’t abandon yourself. 


Instead, you traverse this 

Energetic terrain, 

With yourself.


More in tune with you. 


What you want. 

What you need.

Astrology helps 

to calibrate to self.

You’ll find direction

Via your natal blueprint,

showing you where 

you can draw energy — 

from within.


A way to turn the focus

back on you.

I wish I’d found something like this during my periods of 

heart implosion.



So, I’ve done the research, 

Explored the terrain

and present the key concepts here.

It’s my promise, 

over the next 4 weeks..


.. you’ll go through this 

experience with such grace 

that increased strength and 

dignity is just part of the outcome.


These ideas will help fortify your essence

in your own time —

staying with yourself 

as you go through the process.

Some ideas will soften resistance.

Some may trigger tears.


Most will show you

just how magic you are.



Are you ready?

What you get:

Over 4 weeks — starting on the purchase date — you'll receive access to curated notes designed to build on the previous week. 

The notes focus your energy on specific parts of your natal chart — learning release methods and alchemy processes to synthesise your energy.

The idea is you keep calibrated to your own energy, so you don't spin or back slide, instead, you become entered in your own energy. Your own magic. 

That is the heart-felt intention. 

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