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Taurus | Saturn/Pluto Conjunct


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The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January 2020 is nothing to fear and everything to be empowered by. 


These notes have been co-created for each Ascendent sign to highlight where this conjunction is playing out for you in your houses, and points to some potentials to flow with the energies.


The intention is to steer away from an external focus as these shifts occur and bring awareness within, to the inner realm, where your true power lies. 


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If your ASC is in the 3rd decan (20-29 degrees) you may like to view the following sign. 


If your Ascendent is 25 degrees Capricorn, this conjunction will play out in your 12th house, at 20 degrees Capricorn, not your 1 house*. So, you might benefit more from the Aquarius notes.

*Of course, this also depends on how your houses are set up - so check where 20 degrees Capricorn is falling in your natal chart.