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Stargazer Natal Insights


There's so much more to you than what you think you are - more than what gets reflected back at you in the 3d world. There's magic in you, there's a whole perception of yourself waiting to be seen. It's cosmic. It's subtle. It's potent. Let's look at your star placements to find the patterns. 


Tier 1 - $88

After initial analysis and contemplation, a vision is formed. Chart components come together to form a message alchemising the planetary energies. You’ll come away with an understanding of your natal placements and how they can be used to support and empower your next moves.* (approx 7-10 pages)


Tier 2 - $111

As above, so below, plus, energies of significant upcoming transits are drawn in to highlight potential directions you can take to position you on the wave of the cosmos, allowing you to tune into greater frequencies/alignment. As with all OIS offerings, these contemplations aim to connect you back to your natural state of being - that is, perfectly supported and exactly where you need to be to get to where the divine - your soul - is guiding you.*

(approx 12-18 pages)


Tier 3 - $144

A deeper look into your natal blueprint. Everything listed above, with more time allocated to receive messages/insights. The hope is that what you read helps you over-rule false beliefs and reminds that what you've always felt about your magic is true, reacquainting you with the memory of you. *

(approx 25+ pages) 



You can gear any one of these levels toward a question, or simply trust the messages which come will be what you need.



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