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Astro Consults
  • Astro Consults

    Navigating body conciousness..


    A different kind of astrological journey —  a somatic experience.

    Using your natal chart as a map to discover potential energy clearing techniques and management/ methods to transmute stored energy.


    Step 1: 

    Share your story, whether it be a recurring problem like not being able to share your ideas, or, recognise where your boundaries ought to be, or perhaps you have an awareness already, but you're not sure *how* to move / tend to the energy.


    Step 2:

    Receive a 'map' of sorts, from me, based on your natal energy with practices (visual, exploratory, breathwork, meditative) to explore.



    • 15 page Written PDF


      30 min  .mp3


      *Please see my process below for what you can expect*

    All Booked!
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