Natal Chart Q&A Audio

Natal Chart Q&A Audio

If you're feeling a little unsure where to spend your energy, what gifts may be hidden beneath your conditioning and what measures you could take to step into a new paradigm of existance, this experience might just be for you. 


Express what's going on in the notes, and I'll take a look at your chart to see what's at play, where some alterations could take place, providing you with perspectives which may seem elusive from your position. 


Price in AUD

  • 1 x 30 minute (minimum) audio with slides (graphics) highlighting the natal placements to give you better understanding of the energy at play + a more indepth understanding of your natal chart.

    (The audio itself is about 30 minutes. Preparation time is done over the course of (at least) a week to allow energies to coalesce and insight to present itself. These matters can't be rushed).

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