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    Often times an impartial view through the lens of your natal chart can glean some light on issues you may be too immersed in to see through. 


    This offering enables you to present an issue (☝️) and I'll take a look at your chart to see the energies at play and the support available to you based on your specific natal blueprint. 


    You'll receive some notes from me based on my findings, as well as suggestions about energy work/body work that will help you move through the energy authentically. 


    Queries to work with:

    - What wouuld be optimum work flow / operating rhythms for my business/profession based on my chart?

    - How can I best manage my energy based on my chart?

    - I struggle to set boundaries / can't seem to find my inner spark..what can I do?

    - How can I enhance my extra-sensory perceptions?

    - What can I do to tap into my creativity?

    - I feel tense, how to I find relief?




    (Please note: if multiple issues are presented, I will answer the first query listed only)  Please see Additional Info Section for more. 

    • - An email reply* offering suggestions as to how energies in your natal chart can help you navigate the situation.

      - You'll receive corresponding graphics referencing the specific points on your chart which are being referenced, to gain better understanding of your natal energies. 


      *Price is for one round (one email) of correspondence from OIS covering 1 issue. Follow ups are availble for purchase for returning visitors 💫

    All Booked!
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