Natal Chart + Q&A Session

Natal Chart + Q&A Session

Starting with a written 20-30 page insight into your natal chart. After you've had some time to digest the info, we book a session, spending some time (via Zoom)  exploring the dimensions of your chart.


How it works:


1. You receive a chart analysis  (please allow 3 weeks from ordering to receive it)

2. We book in a time for your 1 hour appointment (after you've received your chart)

3. You're equipped with all this knowledge and a better understanding how your natal astrology energy manifests.

  • What you get:

    You'll receive a PDF approx 25-30 pages

    1 x 1 hour Zoom sessions to ask questions / exchange ideas

  • Timeline:

    Once you've ordered, please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your written interpretation.

    We can book in you first session before or after you receive it, just note that it must be utilised within 60 days of your original purchase.

  • Returns Policy

    No refunds.


    If you're wary, perhaps you might just prefer to purchase a straight up Natal Chart reading + contact later if you want to add on a session.

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