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Leo | Saturn/Pluto Conjunct
  • Leo | Saturn/Pluto Conjunct

    These notes still contain gems even though the transit has passed. 


    The focus is where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place in your chart and what that means for that area of life and supporting areas (which is why it's based on your ASC sign). Each sign has been individually catered for. These notes point to ways in which you can ride with the energy and master Saturn's plans — slow and steady wins the race. 

    • If your ASC is in the 3rd decan (20-29 degrees) you may like to view the following sign. 


      If your Ascendent is 25 degrees Capricorn, this conjunction will play out in your 12th house, at 20 degrees Capricorn, not your 1 house*. So, you might benefit more from the Aquarius notes.

      *Of course, this also depends on how your houses are set up - so check where 20 degrees Capricorn is falling in your natal chart.

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