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Femme Flow/Creative Work Flow Natal Chart Guidance
  • Femme Flow/Creative Work Flow Natal Chart Guidance

    This reading is designed to look into your natal energies relative to tuning to feminine flow in your work/creative processes, allowing for balance and receptivity, as well as connecting to your intuitive faculties using your natal chart as a map. 


    Learn how to work with your placements to optimise workflow or make space for your creative genius to prosper. 


    A booking link will be sent to you within 24 hours of purchase.

    • Initial discovery chat:
      30 minute Zoom call to determine your goals + challenges / what you'd like assistance with 


      then, approx 7-10 days later you'll receive a 25-30 minute recording discussing natal placements + strengths relative to your goals and what you're hoping to achieve.



    You'll be notified as soon as this offering openings up again. Thank you for your interest !
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