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Energetics Reading (Body + Self Healing insight)
  • Energetics Reading (Body + Self Healing insight)

    This chart analysis provides an range of in-depth natal insights relative to energy attunement + energy clearing using key points of your chart. 


    Your natal chart can point to ways in which we receive and store energy within the body.


    This can lead to internal energetic blockages which then manifest in real world scenarios.


    As we work to clear our inner blocks, our outer world adjusts accordingly. 


    *Please note: I'm not a "medical practioner" — these notes are intuitive in nature.


    You can view some of my articles + work to see if there is resonance - if there is, that's usually a positive indicator.


    Sidenote: Patreon Members receive 10% off Natal Chart Readings, so if you're keen for space/astro/self-healing related content, you might enjoy the combination.


    • Approx 18 page Written PDF, thoroughly considered and rich with insight.

    All Booked!
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