Earth Sign Natal Read

Earth Sign Natal Read

This reading provides  insight about your Earth Sign and placement.


It's very simple to discover your Earth sign, for it is the exact opposite of your Sun sign.


If you're a 13 degree 7 minute Scorpio Sun, then you're a 13 degree 7 minute Taurus Earth.


We live in a world of polarity, duality, and so the affinity you feel for your Sun placement, is equally linked to the opposite sign.


By understanding the role of your Earth Sign, you establish a beautiful lush foundation where you can not only gain nourishment, but ground the qualities of your Sun sign here on Earth and plant your seeds in fertile conditions.


  • What you get:

    You receive a 7-10 page PDF 

  • Timeline

    Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your interpretation

  • Refunds

    Sorry, no refunds.

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