Phases - Natal Moon Insights


This chart reading is focused on finding your unique timeline and emotional resonance within yourself. 


Our moon sign determines the waves/phases which dictate our Yin (subconsious) responses to our experiences. It's where and how we find comfort. Our sense of home.


With the NN currently in Cancer, we're being invited to find our own timeline — one outside of social dictations. Where and how your moon is placed in your chart, and the conversation it's having with other planets/houses can provide a road-map home, to your heart, and to emotional well-being (starting from within). 


The intention of these notes is to help you recalibrate to your own authentic way of being in the world — one which feels natural to you, and is flowing, true and aligned. 


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You'll receive a digital PDF with a natal chart interpretation (about 20-25 pages) focusing on the houses, planetary placements and aspects which feel most pertinent.

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