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Capricorn Stellium Natal Insights


January 2020 marks a pretty incredible galactic occasion with a powerful stellium (conjunction of many planets) all in Capricorn.  


These notes take a look at where this magnificent occasion is taking place in your own personal natal chart, and provide some insight to consider preceeding the conjunction, as the energies exact and what to look forward to following Saturn's journey. 


You may be feeling a closing out of certain chapters of your life these past months. 


The South Node transiting Capricorn is encouraging us to take a new type of authority over our lives, as outer-world structures shift and dissipate.


It's nothing to fear and everything to be excited about — a release of outworn structures in favour of a more heart/soul-centred approach. 


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You'll receive a digital PDF with a natal chart interpretation (about 20-25 pages) focusing on the Capricorn house in your chart, aspecting planets and any other points of interest in your chart which can contribute to this time of empowerment.