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Periods, Brainwaves Astrology 〰️ Library Portal

Periods, Brainwaves Astrology 〰️ Library Portal

Explore the interconnectedness of Periods, Brainwaves & Astrology from an energetic perspective


✨ Sneak Peek here! ✨📜


A blend of astrology, your cycles and mental frequencies — cycles within cycles working in harmony.


This expanding collection illustrates the many ways you can sync up to your personal rhythm (and the cosmic rhythm) letting go of old programming in the process.


The topics are interconnected and interwoven, like life. 


18 sections (and growing) including :


  • Natal Moon
  • The Follicular Phase
  • Ovulation
  • Luteal Phase
  • Menstruation
  • 2nd House
  • 5th House
  • Natal Venus



+ much more



  • How do I access the PBA Library?

    You'll receive a link upon purchase 🗝 🎟

  • What do I get?

    Forever access to the Periods, Brainwaves and Astrology Library.

    Currently 18 sections (approx 2-4 hour read at a leisurely pace) ✨🌙

  • Refunds?

    Sorry no refunds

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