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Astro Consults

Astro Consults

Navigating body conciousness..


A different kind of astrological journey —  a somatic experience.

Using your natal chart as a map to discover potential energy clearing techniques and management/ methods to transmute stored energy.


Step 1: 

Share your story, whether it be a recurring problem like not being able to share your ideas, or, recognise where your boundaries ought to be, or perhaps you have an awareness already, but you're not sure *how* to move / tend to the energy.


Step 2:

Receive a 'map' of sorts, from me, based on your natal energy with practices (visual, exploratory, breathwork, meditative) to explore.



  • What you get:

    15 page Written PDF


    30 min  .mp3


    *Please see my process below for what you can expect*

  • Timeline

    Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of your interpretation

    Great care and energy is put into delivering you an optimum analysis

  • Refunds

    Sorry, no refunds.

  • The OIS Process

    Upon receiving your order I look at your chart to see what main characteristics stand out. 

    I create space to let your chart percolate in my energy (mind and soul), and consider the possible links to the query you have presented.

    The writing/recording of the natal chart is spaced over several days to give the insights room to breathe and evolve beyond the surface level findings.

    You will receive the completed natal chart with my best intentions.

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