Natal Chart Interpretation

Natal Chart Interpretation

This chart analysis provides an range of in-depth natal insights relative to aspects/placements/points of interest.


Whether it's work-related, destiny related or perhaps you would just like a more thorough understanding about your natal placements and the unique energy available to you this lifetime, this reading can be geared any way you choose, or left open to see what emerges.


There are 2 options available in terms of the length / duration of the interpretation 

(See below)


Check out more about my process below and how it's designed to give you the best reading possible.


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  • Level 1 } Approx 10 Aspects/Placements/Points of Interest
    (Translates to 20 page Written PDF (approx) or  30-45min .MP3 with supporting graphics to illustrate the placements)


    Level 2 } 10 - 15 Aspects/Placements/Points of Interest
    (Translates to 25-30 page Written PDF (approx) or  40-45min .MP3 with supporting graphics to illustrate the placements)

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Length of Analysis
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