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Femme Flow/Creative Work Flow Natal Chart Guidance

Femme Flow/Creative Work Flow Natal Chart Guidance

This reading is designed to look into your natal energies relative to tuning to feminine flow in your work/creative processes, allowing for balance and receptivity, as well as connecting to your intuitive faculties using your natal chart as a map. 


Learn how to work with your placements to optimise workflow or make space for your creative genius to prosper. 


A booking link will be sent to you within 24 hours of purchase.

  • What you get:

    Initial discovery chat:
    30 minute Zoom call to determine your goals + challenges / what you'd like assistance with 


    then, approx 7-10 days later you'll receive a 25-30 minute recording discussing natal placements + strengths relative to your goals and what you're hoping to achieve.



  • Refunds

    Sorry, no refunds.

  • The OIS Process

    Upon receiving your order I look at your charts to see what main characteristics stand out. 

    I create space to let your energies percolate in my energy (mind and soul), and consider the possible links to the query you have presented.

    The recording of the natal chart is spaced over several days to give the insights room to breathe and evolve beyond the surface level findings.

    You will receive the completed natal chart with my best intentions.

You'll be notified as soon as this offering openings up again. Thank you for your interest !
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