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ESP Notes Personal Natal Chart Interpretation

ESP Notes Personal Natal Chart Interpretation

This chart analysis provides an range of in-depth natal insights relative to extra sensory perception.


You might like to read the ESP notes first (or watch the ESP series on Youtube) before booking this chart reading to get more scope of what to expect.



Sidenote: Patreon Members receive 10% off Natal Chart Readings, so if you're keen for space/astro/self-healing related content, you might enjoy the combination.


  • What you get:

    Approx 20-35 page Written PDF (approx) or  approx 30min MP3 *

    * Please note: these interpretations are thoroughly considered and rich with insight.

  • Timeline

    Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of your interpretation

    Great care and energy is put into delivering you an optimum analysis

  • Refunds

    Sorry, no refunds.

  • The OIS Process

    Upon receiving your order I look at your chart to see what main characteristics stand out. 

    I create space to let your chart percolate in my energy (mind and soul), and consider the possible links to the query you have presented.

    The writing/recording of the natal chart is spaced over several days to give the insights room to breathe and evolve beyond the surface level findings.

    You will receive the completed natal chart with my best intentions.

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    *Patreon Members get first dibs

All Booked!
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