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2nd House Valuation

2nd House Valuation

This reading offers insight to your natal astrology relative to the 2nd – 8th house axis

— that includes views on money, money management and energetic exchanges + personal values, self value, magnetism and compensation.


This reading is designed to help identify glass ceilings and align with authentic abundance based on your natal placements


  • What you get:

    You receive


    a written account of insights relative to your 2nd — 8th house axis


    20min (approx) MP3 discussing these matters






    *Please note, I'm not a financial advisor. These notes are intuitive in nature*

  • Timeline

    Please allow approx 3-4 weeks for delivery of your interpretation.



    These things take time — space and focus enables depth of message.

  • Refunds

    Sorry, no refunds.

  • The OIS process

    Upon receiving your order I look at your chart to see what main characteristics stand out.



    For a few days I let the energies of the chart percolate in my energy and consider the possible links to the query you have presented.



    The writing/recording of the natal chart is completed over several days - spaced apart - to give the insights room to breathe and evolve beyond the surface level findings.



    You will receive the completed natal chart with my best intentions

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