2nd House - 8th House Axis

2nd House - 8th House Axis



This digital scroll goes in-depth in understanding the 2nd/8th House dynamic.


The focus is on identifying your inner value(s) and self-perception from an astro/energetic perspective and how that translates to your magnetic capacity.


The scroll goes into the qualities of each sign/planet ruling the 2nd house (so it's like a mini natal read based on your ASC). From that information you can expand upon your own understanding of your chart and your 2nd house - 8th house axis in a way that is meaningful and specific to you.


Currently in production. Coming Taurus season.


View an example of an OIS digital scroll here


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  • This document is a PDF. You will receive an email with the link as soon as it's complete*.


    *With all OIS offerings, a great deal of preparation goes into these documents. I trust the insights as they come through me and never force them or rush to finish them. That way, they are timeless and inherently valuable, for you.

  • Always trust your own intuition when consuming content.

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