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The book Earth: Astrology's Missing Planet by Chrissie Blaze sheds an illuminating light on a very important, very overlooked influence on the study of astrology — Planet Earth herself.

In the book, Chrissie discusses how, in the same way the planets in our solar system emit an energy which influences us daily, and imprints our DNA, the Earth does the same, perhaps in an even more intimate and significant way. She states the influence of Mother Earth in astrology has been wildly overlooked, and that it's actually an integral factor in understanding astrology, and to disregard it is to disregard the literal foundation of our physical experience.

I must say, the concept deeply resonates.

Speaking of resonates..

Mother Earth carries a vibration of her very own, which harmonises with our physical being if we're open to it. Studies have shown this heartbeat of the Earth is correlated to the frequency of the human mind.

This heartbeat — also known as the Schumann resonance — is the natural vibration of the Earth, which when interrupted by other unnatural factors, like EMF's and microwaves, can cause significant mental, emotional, physical and spiritual distress.

We've been so disconnected from her splendour, the way in which she gives and gives with no ask for anything in return, that many of us are ungrounded and living in our mental body's, unable to ground ourselves and express our incredible gifts (imbued through our Sun sign) due to this belief that we aren't supported here on Earth.

Chrissie explains the oversight of ignoring the Earth Sign in Astrology:

because most people are so concerned with survival and security on the physical plane, rather than yearning to find their spiritual path or expressing their souls through service, they are not yet using this beautiful power of Mother Earth being offered to us.

All this can be mitigated, remedied and avoided for for future generations, with some simple tuning to the foundation which supports us each and every day, and of course, the qualities of our Earth Sign.

The Earth helps us to build our dreams through action on this world in which we live. The more we attune to the element of Earth, the more an urge to make positive things happen rather than just thinking about them, wishing for them or dreaming about them.
It is the energy that helps us to bring our aspirations to life and to translate our compassion and love for others into practical acts of service for humanity.

It makes so much sense, when you think about it...

It's very simple to discover your Earth sign, for it is the exact opposite of your Sun sign. (The Sun being the centre of this galaxy, or heliocentric), all other planets revolving around it. If you're a 13degree7minute Scorpio Sun, then you're a 13degree7minute Taurus Earth.

We live in a world of polarity, duality, and so the affinity you feel for your Sun placement, is equally linked to the opposite sign, and that there, the qualities of that sign and the placement in your natal chart is like the beautiful lush foundation where one can not only gain nourishment, but reach greater heights due to establishing this connection.

Perhaps you have felt this intuitively. This pull. The absence of something significant, some baseline.

After reading this book, boy — has it bought about some major a-ha moments relative to strategies for managing and tending to some of the lower vibration qualities of my Sun sign, and also ways in which the higher qualities can be expressed more fully, with a solid base, congruent with spirit's intentions and my soul's calling here on Earth.

If you would like me to send you a photo of the excerpt from the book regarding your Earth Sign, click here.

(Be quick though, because this beauty is on loan from the library).

If you would like a mini-natal reading relative to your Earth Sign, click here.

I definitely recommend reading this book* to get the whole concept and to really feel much more at home, and significantly more reverence, on this beautiful planet.

Have a great week!

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