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Why you need to take the day

Energy is frequency. You emit an energetic field wherever you go, whatever you do

— all the time.

It can be serene and calming and pleasant if you’re aligned, or messy / abrasive / scattered if you’re not.

Learning  your energy and understanding what you need to balance it out is key to cultivating harmonious relationships, 

expressing yourself authentically, moving around the world with integrity and being at peace within yourself. 

What’s lovely is the universe is supporting you in perceiving these nuances.

In fact, it’s encouraging you to hone your skills on the matter.

Analyse this:

In November 2018, the Nodes shifted signs

starting a new 18 month transit for the collective.

The North Node represents the direction to orient to experience moments of soul level fulfilment.

Everyone has an individual

North and South Node placement

(for their lifetime),

and collectively the Nodes shift

every 18 months into a different sign, encouraging a collective advancement.

 (This is free will dependent, of course.)

The North Node is energy that propels you outward, and forward.

When you move toward the qualities of the sign the North Node is transiting, you're gifted with those deep, permeating, life-altering experiences.

Until November 2018, the NN was in Leo; representing our heart,

our creative self expression,

what makes us shine,

our childlike spirit

and the role we play centre stage in our life.

We learnt what we love,

how big our heart can be,

what makes us feel alive.

Even if perfect clarity on the matter hasn’t manifested yet

— the seed has certainly been planted.

We’ve got new knowledge, and now,

this new NN placement encourages us

(and makes it easier for us)

to nurture that knowledge

and those lessons and take care of it/us now. 

Welcome to the NN in Cancer;

of home, intuition, nurturing, soul resonance and emotional security.

The feels, basically.

Cancer is the nurturing love of someone who cares for you deeply and without compromise.

The unconditional type of love.

Cancer feels rich when their

emotional needs are taken care of.

This is the goal now, with the NN in Cancer. 

The focus shifts to what we need. 

What brings us heartfelt contentment. 

What helps us feel emotionally secure.

It's a slower, intuitive, gut-feels way of operating. 

Cancer builds a beautiful home, a sanctuary.

It need not be physical, 

it can be an energetic creation

but this is a place to restore and rest and

— most importantly —

feel safe and secure.

The flipside of the North Node

is the South Node, now in Capricorn.

The SN is what we’re leaving behind - karmically.

It's what can bring us down. 

Old patterns and ways of doing things. 

What we’ve learned doesn’t work for us,

what actually harms our wellbeing,

but what can linger due to ego struggles

and ultimately hold us back.

Capricorn is the relentless worker.

The long, long hours and

dogged determination to achieve.

It's the compartmentalising of emotions to deal with when the work is done and the goals are achieved. (That’s to say - in no particular hurry).

Capricorn has their reasons. We all do. 

But the question here is:

Is it really working for us?

Do these compromises make us feel better? 

What you did (SN) is different to

where you’re heading (NN).

The South Node is what feels most natural to us because it's something we experienced viscerally in a past life

(either this lifetime, or another)

This is the nodal challenge — 

will you embrace the discomfort of breaking regular ingrained patterns to break on through to the other side, where a new world of experiences and potential await?

North Node in Cancer is an invitation to try a completely different approach to setting goals/advancing forward. One which encourages a more intuitive way of processing and reacting and applying ourselves, by spending our energy in a less forceful manner. 

Cancer is sensitive — as a water sign —

and psychic too, as well as incredibly caring and empathic. This placement — being a collective energy — can increase these sensitivities in all of us. 

Your honesty in how you feel will be received with compassion and understanding, or, will at the very least be received like a refreshing idea after a period of stale conversation.

Emotional resonance becomes the goal.

It’s not about how you’re publicly perceived or received (Capricorn values),

but about how YOU FEEL in YOUR HEART.

An amazing thing happens

when you prioritise your emotional needs —

you send out an energetic message to the universe that you matter

— that your feelings matter —

that they’re important

and absolutely worth investing in.

This may be a complete one-eighty

of what you’ve always done, so will come with

a period of adjustment

(We’ve got 18 months to adapt here).

As a result of this shift in priorities,

you’ll attract new experiences,

likely reflecting the new standard you’ve set for yourself about what is acceptable for you, and encouraging more serenity and fulfilment

into your day to day.

In your respite you’ll either discover a better route to where you wanted to go/needed to do, or realise you didn’t even have to/want to go there in the first place, not really. 

You don’t need to explain yourself.

You don’t need words to feel.

You’re simply in yourself,

being kind to yourself in a way

you might hope or need someone to be caring and considerate toward you. 

But this is better, because you're not dependent, so you create, control and administer the power yourself.

Follow the feels.

The feels are the focus.

Prioritise your feels. 

Adjust to the new frequency. 

See how your life grows in richness.

Take the day.

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