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Uranus in Taurus : A higher mind for major abundance

On March 7 2019, Uranus (the planet of sudden insights, uprooting, upheaval, disruptions, rebellion and innovation) entered Taurus (the sign governing finance, personal worth, self esteem, value, material needs, financial systems, planet earth, nature, quality and simplicity) to begin what will be a 7 year transit (until 2026) to redefine and recalibrate our approach to making money, what we value, where we draw money from and what we get paid to do, and what we do with the money we earn.

To talk of Uranus for a moment, in the cosmic arena it can bring shake-ups and changes to the current order of things. These quakes can disrupt the foundations which we stand upon, leaving us shook, a little confused but ultimately they come into play because no thing can stay the same for too long.

This is unideal for Taurus, being a fixed sign and requiring and desiring stability and comfort, with any changes to the established nature of things to create a feeling of uncertainty and discomfort.

Well, Uranus doesn’t care for maintenance of the status quo. It wants innovation to create a brighter future where all can prosper, providing new ideas and insights on how to take an alternative approach which serves humanity as a whole.

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Consider Mercury as your mental faculties — how you mentally process your day to day, your thought patterns based on fact, logic and experience. It’s very immediate, practiced and reactive on a personal level. It’s the closest planet to Earth, governing your immediate decision making to get you through the day and to tomorrow.

Uranus still rules the mind, but taking a wider perspective. It’s the cosmic mind. Uranus rules Aquarius, the planet of humanitarianism, we vs me. When we’re talking of the higher octave of Mercury, it provides a universal approach to our ideas — what is for the greater good of all.

This transit is asking you to re-think the limits you place on your worth, providing portals for quantum leaps into future circumstances in a faster way than logic can provide.

Being open to this energy allows you to re-circuit and re-wire mental processes regarding money, how you spend it, how you earn it and how long it takes to get a return on your energetic investment. It provides the chance to tap into infinite, genius potential that serves not just you, but the community around you, sending off waves of new energy into the collective which perpetuate, which innovate our values and how we treat the Earth and it’s resources.

It’s no small deal, but we’ve got 7 years to work with this.

Trial and error is an unavoidable and, quite frankly, a necessary part of all innovation. There’ll be failures, but from those lessons we learn. It’s the human way and it’s where change happens. What this transit is offering us is an unusual approach to how we think things should go, based on how they’ve always gone. It need not take many years to overhaul our financial situation, even if it’s been in a state of disarray for an uncomfortable period of time. What is needed for these changes to occur though is a connection to a new set of values which are different, and consider more than just our own personal material needs.

You might notice a shift in the way we purchase and what we purchase. A movement toward quality products which last (Taurus) and less interest in cheap shit which doesn’t. What is disposable will become undesirable. A desire for classic, timeless items (fashion, furniture, homewares) will gain precedence in the market while fashion trends of the season/mass production of junk will take a fall. This ties in with the Taurean energies of a desire for quality and consideration for Mother Earth. How much junk gets disposed of, into landfill, once its seasonal purpose has been served. There’s been a time for excess, and that time is changing.

On a personal level, our money will take a turn. Where we spend it, what we do with it. Taurus wants money in the bank, it’s not superfluous in its spending and a shift in the value of money will have us reconsidering what is actually valuable to us.

It will also aid us in knowing our own worth and what our unique contribution to society is, and how we are reimbursed for that. Entrepreneurial endeavours through Uranian concepts include the internet, blockchain, crypto, alternative energy, science, technology, social groups and networks all have the chance to flourish — if aligned with the cosmic mind, for the greater good, not just for personal gain.

Uranus rules the 11th house — it’s about the people and not just people we relate to. In that sense, it’s a little colourblind to socio-economic factors, because where there is a cosmic mind, there is also the potential to connect to the cosmic heart. This is Venus (the ruler of Taurus). Over the next 7 years we’ll be looking at the world and our contribution to it. Our ego will be challenged, upgraded and re-aligned to value different things to what do value right now. Energy is always moving, no thing can ever stay the same.

What you will find a great return in is your uniqueness. Your authentic reason for being. When you can accept the uniqueness that is you, you can bring that to the world to see in it’s purest state — people watch, and people will listen. Uranus is unique. It has ideas.


Don’t be afraid to own yours. The world needs them. Let them out, let them fail, let them succeed — you will always learn from your expression. This is how we advance. This is how we make change.

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