The Cosmic Week

In the midst of an epic worldwide transition, we’re given an incredible opportunity to recalibrate our approach to how we operate in our day to day. A new approach beckons, one which aligns with our true essence and honours our energy.

Take the simple notion of adapting your work week with the planetary rulers for each day.

The Cosmic Work Week
The Cosmic Work Week

Let your Mondays be intuitively guided — move from how you feel not what’s racing through your mind (to do lists, advancement urges, fomo etc).

Let it be unstructured, unlimited and totally based on what makes you feel good. Mondays are all about the personal, intuitive feels.

Upon waking, take a moment to still and centre yourself. Take 3 deep inhales to begin, then focus on the heartspace, make space around it.

When the mental chatter subsides and you’ve bypassed mental ‘must-do’s’, feel into your body and see where/what activities you’re being drawn to. Maybe it is a desire to work. Maybe it’s life admin. Maybe you feel the day off is in order, and surprise yourself with a burst of productivity later in the day because you gave yourself

s p a c e to be.

Who knows? Your intuition — that’s who.

If you do nothing, and feel happy with yourself, you’ve spent it well.

Permission granted.

If Monday is well spent, chances are you’re well rested — so now it’s time to move, BUT! remember this important detail — one thing at a time.

Being charged up is awesome, but being so charged with ALL the ideas/tasks spinning around your energy field can lead you to go everywhere fast (i.e. nowhere at all) so hone in on your motivations before spending any energy.

Again, centre self first.

Fire energy is the spark of spirit — so what are you being charged to do?

Narrow in on that flicker, then shoot. Don’t delay once you’ve found it, then breathe to expand it. Take breaks when you start feeling agitated.

One can do nothing all week, expel concentrated energy on Tuesday and get a million miles further than forced enery spends throughout the week.

If possible, schedule meetings/comms/emails for this day. Batching comms to selected pockets of the week save you from being Pavlov-style distracted by email notifications when you’re working on the grander plan.

If you can, allocate an hour on Wednesdays to a mind-mapping session. The focus can be specific, or general, but the idea is that you give your self T I M E to explore some of the ideas on the edge of consciousness.

It’s truly amazing how allowing yourself the S P A C E to get random thoughts out of your mind and onto a page can extrapolate into some pretty incredible breakthroughs. Challenge your limits. It’s important.

Also, on Wednesdays, after sun-down, get horizontal for 5 minutes and send compassion to your mind from your heart for all the over-working it no doubt does. This is a small act but incredibly pacifying.

Like Mondays, Thursdays require an intuitive approach, less mental, more imagery, visions. Of the future, of where you want to be.

Let Jupiter be your teacher on this day — each Thursday will be different.

One week you might reserve the whole day to learning how to structure your financial situation more effectively, the next you might go to the library and borrow a bunch of books on topics of interest and just have them in your home until they summon you.

Jupiter just loves it when we get out of our own way, following the cues and synchronicities however nebulus they may seem.

Spend a moment doing a vision quest on Thursday after dark. Try Youtubing shamanic drum beats — they provide a gateway to a trance state where you can connect you to your innate ancient spiritual wisdom.

Super for sending accounts, evaluating your rates, paying bills with gratitude (money in, money out) and exploring creative money making opportunities.

To encapsulate the Venusian vibes, take yourself out on a date to deal with money matters, either to a favourite cafe, a peaceful park bench or the base of a tree. Ritualising this experience sends a message that you’re focused and concentrated on creating abundance. Reflect on the value you’ve offered during the week, and what you received as a result.

After that’s done, take a long walk and notice the richness of nature, the millions of leaves lining every street — notice the nuances of the season.

Like nature, you bloom in cycles, and it’s inevitable that you will. Be kind to yourself wherever you are in your state of growth.

Friday is also awesome for any type of creative immersion and socialities.

Doing the jobs, taking care of elders, getting rid of what you don’t need.

Spend some time considering time and how you use it. Saturn gets a hard wrap, but he just wants you to spend your energy in integrity.

It really doesn’t matter how long it takes, even though popular culture will have you believe you should be some where by some point.

If one looks at 2 natal charts one will quickly see that each of us in on our own individual timeline.

Try this: Allocate 10 minutes of total alone time, laying on your bed, feeling how your energy feels, feeling 1–2–3 feet around your body.

As you breathe, you’ll inevitably notice restrictions. Totally normal, just notice. Take note of the speed of traffic, wind, bird sounds, any movement around you. It might not seem like much, but quiet moments like this is how you tune into your own energy.

When you know it, you know what it needs, you know how to direct it.

Spend a good moment on Sunday in the sunshine, actively absorbing light-codes from sun rays. Consider it a transmission. As you sit/lay there actively receiving the energy, you’re infusing your cells with new information to be released when the time is right.

You don’t have to do it for long, but it does have to be done consciously. Envision your cells getting charged and allow any hard spots in and around your heart to melt. Breathe to help the light circulate. Your body will tell you when you’ve had enough.

This practice of receiving sounds simple, but it will also help you receive in other areas of life.

Sundays are also good for spending a moment envisioning how you’ll spend your energy that week. See yourself allocating focused time to tasks/work, and see yourself shutting down tech when the job is done, happy with what you’ve accomplished.

Everything first begins with an idea, a vision — always. A lack thereof perpetuates scattered energy.

If you’re in need of some career guidance, you might like to invest in a natal chart reading to see what energies you have to work with. It can be super enlightening.

Have a good week!