The 4th Dimension

Here’s a quick exercise :

Envision the capacity of your immediate environment — the space between you and other physical objects/beings/structures in the room — full of all your regular, recurring and occasional thoughts and beliefs.

Imagine them — like subtitles — projected all around you, some lit up neon, some stacked back to back, some rotating 360 degrees, some moving like ticker-tape telling you your stocks are up (or down).

You might notice the most frequent thoughts — certain ones right up in your face, and some tiny ones far away.

This is the 4th Dimension.


We project the thought, we attract the thought, we visit the thought.

​Have you ever been sitting right next to someone and thought of something so offbeat and out of context and they go ahead and say the exact random thing you’re thinking?

That — my friend—is psychic connection and that is the very essence of the astral plane.

Close or far they all exist.

And not just facts/events/dates/dialogue — but every thought ever thought.

A collection of history exists all around us.




Is it not?

You’re picking up these thoughts. The repetitive ones. The destructive ones. Your neighbours thoughts.

Glimpses of the unconscious ones. The thoughts unsaid.

It’s just so. much. data.

Being so busy in this third dimension, constantly sifting and re-sifting through all the options creates this endless loop of decisions, of filtering, taking up your energy and blocking new transmissions.

How could it not?

Imagine how sweet would it be if you could push it away, all of them, all the old thoughts, the old memories, old reminders, and creating inches, then metres of space around you?

Room to breathe.

Space to be.

Well, you can.



Try this:

Feel into the space around you (and within you).

Take an short 5-second inventory of what’s around.

Loosely note those beliefs—simply the presence of them.

Loosely note how do you feel about them?

Does your heart contract?

Do your armpits lock up?

Does your breathing halt?

This is an indication you’ve got irregular currents in your energy field. These feelings/responses in your body are physical manifestations/cues to guide you toward alignment > toward productive mental energy expenditure.

How can we ever hope to achieve quantum shifts in our consciousness if we’re wading around in this density (3d and 4d realm) not making space (even just an inch or two or three around us) for new thoughts to enter.

​Space is required

Clarity will result.

It’s only partially true that the answers are all inside of you. Some of them are, yes, and all of them are accessible from a calm, internal space, but also, sometimes they’re completely beyond you too.

Literally — higher intelligence.

Cosmic downloads.

Other-worldly insights.

Believe it.

But the connection is disabled when you’re so wound up in who said what, why they think this or that and every other track on repeat.

Giving yourself room to open, giving yourself the space to relieve yourself from the bombardment of the usual astral activity creates a gateway — and from there — when you focus on the vision, you strengthen the existence in the 4d plane.

What if all your dreams are brand new, 100%, never been seen in this 3rd dimension before? What if there’s been no imprint of anything like it?

Not here in the 3rd.

Not even there in the 4th.

What if your idea has literally no footing, no history and it’s just you holding the candle?

This, I feel, is why it’s so hard for some ideas (as genius and innovative as they are ) to seed into our earthly experience—because they’re not gravitating around the astral realm (yet). Maybe a handful of similar strains to those potent gems exist, but those ideas with the seismic force to actually shift things? Potentially delivered to you on assignment? It’s up to you to maintain their existence.

You hold the vision of it and hold the energy enough for it to populate and propigate in your immediate atmosphere.

This is your imagination, your focus, and this is where manifestation of everything you wish for stems from.

You can change the course of history by maintaining your vibration.

Without providing yourself with this time, these ideas, the innovations too easily dissolve into vapour.

New thoughts require effort, because there’s nothing in the 4th to corroborate it.

Not yet anyway.

AND it’s why it’s often so difficult to find others who see your vision.

One way to open yourself to the potential of your thoughts is to resist forcing your concepts on people, especially those you already know, at least for a while. Resist the need for validation. Looking around the 3d realm for corroboration can diffuse the potency of an idea, of a dream, in an instant.

Simply sit with it.

On your own.



Let it formulate in your environment, the one you create around you.

Seed your 4th dimension with this flavour of thought.

Watch what happens when you create that space.

Watch as people pick up on the nuances of it. Those who vibe with your vision will be drawn toward you, then you can decide if you share.

Hold it near and nurture it.

Make space for it.

You could change your whole world that way.


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