Resurrecting Ancient Healing Energies

It might be hard to believe that once upon a time we actually had the answers to the questions which plague us today — topics like how to placate overwhelming stress and anxiety levels, what to do about money that doesn’t/can’t hold its value and the perpetual not-knowing if what you’re doing is even worth the effort long-term.

Great news is these woes have already been solved — we’ve just forgotten, and specific measures have been put in place to ensure we don’t remember.

Don’t worry though — this article is a portal to remembering.

You’re being invited to do a little time travel though, in your minds eye, to remember for yourself through triggers in these words.

I’ll guide you here (and in Part 2 — coming soon)

Let’s begin with the mystery of all mysteries..

Pyramids (and Clean Energy)

What’s your theory about the Pyramids significance?

To me, the discoveries of Dr Carmen Boulter (Egyptologist and creator of The Pyramid Code series) seem to encompass their majestic purpose.

Dr Carmen links the function of the Pyramids (some of them, anyway) to that of an energy conductor powered by the cycles of nature.

Inside the Great Pyramid, for example, are valleys and chambers at different angles connected to a series of underground channels of water (also known as an aquifer).

One of Dr Carmen Boulter’s theories is that the Nile has migrated nine miles (or so) since the time the Great Pyramid was in use, and the periodic flooding of the Nile back in the day — timed by the astrological calendar (moon phases) and the cycles of nature — activated a flood, channeling water to and through the great structure creating spectacular power by force and a natural combustion emitting a certain energy into the atmosphere.

Sort of like this:

^ just for fun version ^

What better way to remind ourselves (that we can override the missteps re: harnessing energy) than to create a monumental, mysterious and immovable memento to serve as a reminder...

There are free and clean ways to harness nature’s immense force/energy, and it has everything to do with the cycles of the Earth and aligning with the cosmos (instead of blaming Mother N).

Syncing to this force stems from accepting the notion that we’re not separate (us and Earth is just Us) and Earth is not separate to the rest of the Universe, the rest of the Field.

Nikola Tesla worked out a while ago that energy was clear and free, and also that we ourselves as human people are running on and in the same electro-magnetic field.


To make a parallel for fun and imaginations sake, consider how the Pyramids operating like this — according to natures cycles, planetary alignment and functioning with water, pressure and open channels is a macrocosm of our own bodies energy generating abilities. We have channels — veins, blood, glands — and we can connect with the natural world beneath us (barefoot preferable for maximum effect) to tune into this grander web, to begin a discourse of energy, at the time nature tells us so, and with practice, we create and emit this refined energy from our structure (our bods).

Don’t believe? That’s cool. It’s about that direct experience mentioned earlier. Try this easy thing. Next time you have a malady, like a headache, lay your sweet self down on some (real) grass and focus on the pain area. Go there and identify the pain. Then notice everywhere else around the body which is connected to this pain spot (tight hips, tense shoulders). It’s enough to start the enquiry, you will be directed. Use breath to move the stuck energy. Razz it up. Notice where there’s blockages. Then feel the Earth rise up to meet you, supporting you. Send the pain energy into the Earth, and simultaneously draw up energy from the Earth to recharge the body to a more flowing state. Keep breathing. It doesn’t have to take long. After you instinctively complete the practice, calmly walk around your immediate area, noticing the energy you emit.

Sound Healing / Vibration Healing

There are other monumental structures like the Pyramids used for a specific purpose in ancient times. Sound healing chambers are one such monolith. 

These resonance chambers were used by Shamans and medicine (wo)men to heal the ailing using instruments, their voice and other tools to cast sounds throughout these immense chambers, creating waves while the patient remains open and receptive to the atmospheric sensations.

I see it like this:

Imagine you have this strong, piercing persistent headache (why not?) so you go to the village healer. The work (diagnosis and treatment) takes place in a stone chamber made up of channels and hallways. It’s sunken into the ground, way down, open roof, stone walls about 10–15 stories up (ish). Many corners are turned to get to the healing bed where the treatment takes place.

The Shaman lies you down on a stone or possibly crystal bed. Your back is straight, your head hurts but the stone feels cool and refreshing. You’re told to relax. You think, ‘yeah right’. The size of the structure dwarfs you. The walls. The enormity of it.What’s to happen next. You feel small sort of insignificant in the expanse. On ground level you’d be sweating, but you’re in a different place here. The coolness of the air travels through the channels. You think about wind tunnels. It’s almost like nature is clearing the area for the treatment to begin. Actually, it is like the wind travelling through the channels is a contributing energy of it’s own.

The (human) Shaman is preparing. Mumbling tones, eyes closed. Tuning in. You don’t mind the wait though. Part of you thinks the process has already begun. The Shaman’s tone quietens. A sound reverberates through the chamber. A low vibration, deep and wide which seems to wobble in the space as it finds the walls at differing times. Some close, some far. You follow the sound. It’s building, incrementally and consistently. It surprises you the way it travels.

Another slightly higher tone rings through the chamber’s valleys. Your mind softens as you follow the sounds, moving and rising. Another tone, even wide this time, purposeful, faster. A wave travels straight through your feet, through your hips, skips your heart and expands out all sides of your head and beyond. You follow that sound but now there’s many sounds moving around, bouncing off the walls. Too many to keep track of. It’s the Shaman’s intention.

Maybe there’s not so much work to do to heal, you think. Maybe there’s no work at all. Maybe that’s the point. You let go. No grasping of the pain. You follow the sounds loosely, without having to think much about it. Soon the sounds through you like water, so much so you feel bathed in it. You exhale.

This is non-invasive vibrational therapy.

Oh boi!


At the back of your brain is a section coined The Occipital Lobe. It’s like a movie projector at the back of the cinema, and is responsible for forming imagery — thinking in pictures rather than words. From this space you can project imaginations over real life (yep, you’ve been augmenting reality a lot longer than the tech guns — for free no less) as well as close your eyes and conjure up worlds of your very own.

What’s this got to do with Hieroglyphs?

Well, consider a sweet kid with dyslexia. The kid could look at the page and understand the message at a glance, making inferences from part of that sentence, maybe even from prior context, but ask them to read line to line and it’s an exercise of resistance and frustration and potentially shame and failure.

The logic of the sentence doesn’t make sense to this kid, because their brain is wired differently. Different areas of the brain hold predominance in their processing. This kid is someone who is a visual / patterned-based / impressionistic learner.

Here’s the point..

What if hieroglyphs are more of an energetic conveyance, not translated as vowel to comparable vowel based on traditional language rules, but rather from energetic impressions, from a different kind of imagery/sensory perception, from the Occipital lobe, for example. Or whichever creative faculty (or combination of faculties) fire and wire.

It’s like how art speaks — multi-layered, rich with meaning and importance. It’s activating a different dimension, this altered path and and it’s not necessarily linear (like a sentence).

So imagine what a person open enough (and trusting enough) of their subtle impressions could infer upon viewing these mysterious glyphs —layers of music could be heard, details of characters emerge, time/astral travel to other places in the moment could even occur. Or even a total knowing of the vibrational essence of the situation. Imagine what kind of insights anyone with artistic/psychic tendendies could receive if they were encouraged to use their unique perception in the way it was intended, as a specialised gift.

Art speaks to a deeper level of us. It’s all a matter of perception.

Same with hieroglyphs.

Nature’s Cycles

We’ve touched a little on this. One specific example of how nature worked in conjunction with civilisations as part of their function , and their survival, is the example of The Nile flooding to activate the Great Pyramid.

An implicit trust in Nature existed. The season’s cycles provided predictability and comfort, a knowing when to plant the crops and when to harvest. However, Nature’s unpredictability also cultivated a humbleness, a knowing of one’s place in the scheme of things and the power that comes when working in conjunction with this primal, everpresent essence.

In my minds eye, I don’t see this period of time as dusty and sand filled, but rather somewhat tropical, lively and enriching. Date palms and tropical birds. Football sized mangoes and oases to chill in. Feet in the sand, in the dirt, receiving information from the cosmos simply for taking the time to open to it.

The key here is timing and phases and trust, in the cycles and in possibility. Patience is required, but it’s not an issue of ‘waiting’, more a knowing of the space between time. The knowing that what is needed will take time to come into form, and not to doubt the process of planting the seed and trusting nature to do her part in the meantime. This means there’s no ‘shortage’ of time, or any rush to make things happen — a major issue amongst the modern consensus.

The Sun moves on the same course, consistently, with no major surprises. The Moon makes it through all it’s phases in their right order, on time.

Modern day, it’s sort of like we’re vibrationally prepared to receive ‘not enough time’ to complete a task (to let the fruit ripen). There’s always an arbitrary deadline (as in, one not necessarily based on anything other than a rush for results).

Ironically, the result is usually an underdeveloped idea, coming short of ideal results because the (metaphorical) fruit hasn’t been on the line as long as it needs to become fully enriched. That’s to say, the creative and imaginative juices and focus truly required to create a long-standing piece of work is cut short for one that is market-ready, but not necessarily refined.

The anaemic result comes from working solo (against the clock no less) instead of working with the process of creation in a field that perceives no separation from you and what’s trying to come through you.

Back when though, the seeds go in the ground (the project is initiated) and nature does her part. So things happen, there’s just no effort til the end. It’s not all up to she who plants the seed to bring the result. There’s a communion. A co-creation. A trust that all the elements nature offers are now working with you to reach a worthy outcome, one that benefits more than the seed-planter herself.

Solo, you have power. But you and the elements of nature, working in harmony creates a third, more powerful, more potent energy.

Energy will wane sometimes, like the leaves fall from the trees. It pays to expect this (for the sake of your adrenal and mental health). But it (energy) always, always regenerates, like the trees in Spring. That’s just what nature does. And you, too.

Cosmic Weather

Atmospheric weather extends beyond the Sun and Moon cycles, way, way out into the cosmos where the influence of other planets and fields also emanate. This is an easy concept to overlook because there’s no tangible proof (other than direct experience) however, this direct experience easily accessible and totally convincing if you’re open to it.

See — like the resonance chamber — there are a number of tones, a number of notes in the air — originating from the planets and their conversations with one another. Think of the many conversations in a crowded restuaruant, and how the energy of each individual contributes to the vibe.

It’s also worth mentioning how the the pyramids of the Giza strip are aligned perfectly with the constellation of Orion (see the work of Robert Bauval on Youtube of Gaia for more on this). He mentions how the paws of the Sphinx are directly lined up with the constellation of Leo, the Sun rising exactly central to the great monument. The alignment signified an important time for rituals and ceremony where the atmosphere is charged and the people and the invisible energies join forces for the benefit of the community.

Not to mention the gridlines / ley lines which are aligned with the Giza strip along with other magnificent structures around the world (Machu Picchu in Peru, Ayers Rock in Australia, Angkor Wat in Cambodia to name a few), also positioned in alignment with specific constellations.

Again, interconnectedness.

Much like how seafarers used the stars to navigate the oceans, the stars and their positions are still inextricably linked to our day to day, indicating atmospheric conditions and energetic potentials.

The outer weather was/is simply a different cog on the clock, but all part of the overall mechanism — just as relevant, spanning a wider scope of time and encompassing all that exists beneath the stars.

This was understood back when. The sensitivity to the nuances of ‘The Field’ allowed communities to notice how the child born when the Sun was in the constellation of Aries held more domineering qualities than he born when the Sun transitted the Cancer constellation. Or how being born under a certain moon spoke to the emotional nature of the individual. There was t i m e to notice these natural qualities back then. It helped to organise the tribes and recognise gifts.

During this time, it was understood that everything is energy before it’s made manifest. That the seed becomes the conditions it’s grown in, so it pays to know the cosmic weather to know when to act, when to fall back, when to dream a new reality and when to make plans.

The good news is these ancient healing techniques are resurrecting. The knowing isn’t necessarily lost, just stored. Openness and curiosity is the key.

The other good news is that it’s always accessible to you — it’s just a matter of tuning in.


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