Releasing Survival Patterns

This area of the brain is also known as the Reptilian Brain. 

It’s where one holds survival memories and where those automatic — but not necessarily useful — survival patterns stem from. (The brain stem)

A simple practice to support the ongoing release of these patterns is to visualise old patterns, ideas or instincts leaving the body. 

Imagine the area lighting up and dislodging stored details.

Imagine whatever you’re ready to release, beginning to go.

Whenever I do a clearing like this, I back it up by drinking plenty of water to flush and replenish my system.

Envision old news leaving the body, releasing through sweating, bathing, walking or singing - any way that makes sense to you to allow the energy transmute into something else. 

It takes only your imagination and intention to release to do so.

That power is potent.

Do note: these practices do shake things up energetically, so be sure to ground your energy before and after (bare feet on earth is ideal) and find outlets (like journalling or creating) to release any stirred up feelings. A communion with nature is also great support. 


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