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Notes from The Good Hustle by Dr Polly McGee

In this book Dr Polly McGee aligns the ideas of 8 Limbs of Yoga with a start-up (or pivoting) business practice. 

It really isn't about work, work, work, hustle, hustle. In fact, it's more about surrender + release. 

The practice of 'yoga' goes beyond the idea of postures (or Asana - which is one branch of the 8 limbs), but talks of yoga as a way of being, a practice, in alignment with purpose. (See the slides for all the limbs + their meanings)

The focus/the idea is using these ancient pillars as mental framework to measure an over-anxious mind with the tools and practices of yoga to make the required adjustments to allow a calmer state, and from this state, the truth of our Dharma is revealed. 

(Dharma =what is right for you, an expression of your true self, a path only you can take, you feel right in your own skin).

What I love about this book is the practicality and the reality. Pointing out the anxieties so many of us are plagued by as we try to get our idea in the world (see The 8 Worldly dharmas ) and how the management of the mind is an ancient art, and can significantly reduce suffering to attachment to these ideas that we have to work harder and more to find the happiness we think will come of success (and challenges this idea of success furthermore).

I definitely recommend The Good Hustle to anyone carving their own path in the market, sharing their own unique gifts but often finding roadbumps/blocks in their own mind —perhaps even a haziness in their intentions — to check out this book.

For me, it opened my eyes to mis-aligned intentions and provided great practices to pivot and re-set.

 (I'm not endorsed, just making it easy for you ✌️ ) 


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