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North Node in Taurus - South Node in Scorpio (Jan 2022 - July 2023)

The North Node in Taurus — South Node in Scorpio transit is taking place from January 2022 to July 2023.

Firstly, I wanted to share a specific perspective of the nodes, and how the nodal transits influence our psyche, and ultimately, our evolution.

With the nodes are talking about the moon. To me, the moon has everything to do with resonance and your emotional body — the imprints on the emotional body which occur in our formative years, which we carry out as emotional and behavioural patterns throughout life. It has to do with reactivity and timethe spirals of time — and these anchor points in time. Not just in the past. The experiences that we’ve already had, but also future potential experiences.

Future potentials would be the North Node attributes.

Anchor points in our past have to do with South Node attributes.

For example, a situation in your formative years, where let’s say, someone was projecting energy towards you which was in direct contrast to what is authentically true for you, but because at the time you weren’t cognitively aware of power dynamics, this scenario gets stored within the body — within the field — within the emotional body as an anchor point. A lot of the time our behaviours and our reactions (due to this pattern) play out again and again.

There’s a spiralling effect (much like the moon’s rotation) where we revisit this certain area of life, or this certain issue, or this certain dynamic again and again, until we are able to make that pattern conscious and clear the energy which is stored in the field.

So we have these anchor points in our lives — many of them — and as the nodes change collectively for everyone, traversing all the signs (the nodes shift approximately every 18 months), over time we’re going through all the areas of our natal chart and we’re working with these energies — these different imprints — that have occurred through all these different scenarios throughout different areas of life (the houses in our natal chart).

We’re working (if we choose to) to make these patterns conscious and then evolve to higher expressions of ourselves by clearing these blockages — these patterns, these reactive responses within the body.

Where we’ve been.. North Node in Gemini / South Node in Sagittarius

Since 2020, we’ve all been experiencing the transit of the North Node traversing Gemini and the South Node travelling through Sagittarius.

As such, we were looking at mental patterns formed in our formative years —these programs which occurred because of repetition and our immediate environment and our daily habits that formulate these neural structures (this is Gemini / 3rd house energy) which then create these set beliefs (Sagittarius / 9th house).

This is the Sagittarius and Gemini axis. They’re opposites, but on the same spectrum. What we do habitually every day creates a pattern (Gemini) and we form beliefs (Sagittarius) based upon these patterns.

So we’ve been working to dissolve these beliefs, and investigate these set programs which are out of resonance with what is true for us, but because at the time we didn’t know better, so they create this anchor point.

Because this is mutable energy (Sagittarius — Gemini axis) the result is kind of an unfinished state so to speak. So now as we transition to North Node in Taurus — an Earth sign (and a fixed sign) about foundations and stability — here we can really begin establish new ground after deconstructing those old beliefs those old mental structures (somewhat nebulous). We get to create new constructs which are in alignment with value. What we value. Our inner values.

That’s where the Taurus North Node comes in.

I do just want to add that with the nodes we’re not “pro North Node and against South Node”. It’s not about being all about the NN qualities and against all the SN qualities.

It’s about working towards the higher vibrational qualities of the North Node and trying to resist the lower vibrational qualities of the South Node if that makes sense.

There’s no growth in the repeating patterns of the South Node. It’s kind of like — when in doubt go towards the qualities of the sign that the North Node is traveling through (or your own personal North Node) because that’s going to be what lifts you up out of a black hole dynamic of the South Node — repeating patterns — and is going to take you towards a quantum leap energy which is what happens when you align your being your energetic body towards the qualities of the North Node.

It’s about synthesizing both energies, not pushing one away. When you do go towards the North Node energies, the South Node energies dissolve by default.

Up next — South Node in Scorpio

With the South Node transiting through Scorpio, we’re looking at (lower vibrational) themes of power, manipulation, energetic manipulation, control — resistance of control, resources, other people’s resources, greed, resentment, as well deception, veils of secrecy — what’s kept hidden from us, and also fear. Subconscious fear, and how these fears make us behave and react and make us choose certain things (usually in order to feel safe).

My feeling is this transit will really help us detect when fears are being played upon in certain energy dynamics, when people or organizations are playing on certain fears in order to gain a sense of power.

The issue with these kinds of power/control dynamics, is that it doesn’t fulfill. It’s like trying to fill a bucket with holes in it. Taking power away from someone else… maybe.. it might give a sense of a small term gain, but it’s not sustainable because it is unethical.

Never forget about karmic repercussions of energetic exchanges.

So, this transit is about learning that power comes from within, and any efforts to try to obtain power from other people through these like manipulative strategies or manoeuvres… it’s just gonna really come back to the person’s detriment. (Ten-fold)

To add another layer, we have a look at where Scorpio’s ancient ruler Pluto is currently transitting. It’s in the late degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn is all about integrity.

These power plays which are out of integrity — these performances that people put on which are out of integrity — where they know that the value isn’t there, where they’re telling half-truths (or blatant lies) — theses are the kinds of energy/dynamics which are going to attract serious black hole energetic loops —because there’s no basis, no foundation of truth.

Truth is a major key word for Pluto, for Scorpio energy. These subtle (and often overt levels of manipulation) are the behaviours that are going to be challenged. They’ll stop working. The karmic return will be multiplied, and it’s going to have really powerful effects. (Pluto is the destroyer, the transformer, after all.)

It’s slow, it’s an undercurrent, but it’s pervasive.

A lot of these extractions we won’t visually see because of that Pluto energy which happens behind the scenes, slowly and subconsciously.

“If there’s nothing else that you take away from this, and if there’s only one thing that you ask yourself during the transit of South node in Scorpio, it’s to ask yourself: Am I manipulating energy — the energy of others — for my own gain? or Am I being manipulated, subtly, psychologically, to empower an entity outside of me?

You’ll know it because you will feel it in the body — this is Mars — Scorpio’s other (co)-ruler. And with it’s traditional ruler Pluto — it will be obvious to you if you’re willing to look. It may feel somewhat uneasy, in a sense. There will be this sense of kind of ‘ick’ associated with it, because very often it’s linked to a very personal, intimate fear or need. (Again, these anchor points we store within the body when we’re too young to comprehend these energy dynamics).

This need aspect is the Scorpio — Taurus axis which needs to be synthesized.

So, asking yourself:

  • Are my fears being triggered, and am I adjusting my behaviour?


  • Is my sense of personal equanimity now on shaky ground?

  • Have I become the vulnerable party in this scenario (to the deteriment of my own sense of wellbeing)?


  • Have I chosen to give my power away in order to feel safe and secure?

It is pretty tragic but throughout history people have preyed on people, manipulated energy to their own advantage.

With the North Node in Taurus, it’s about being very simple and clear and somewhat obvious in what you’re asking for.

It’s like… you don’t need to lie to get what you need.

You don’t need to take from someone else and put them at a disadvantage or bamboozle them in order to get what you need.

This is the energy of stock market phoniness (think: The Big Short and Collaterised Debt Obligations) or big business corruption, where people are selling products that don’t even exist — that’s Scorpio South Node — taking money from someone who doesn’t understand, even giving them false promises for a sense of security.

The unfolding significant shifts in the financial system has everything to do with the Scorpio — Taurus axis of money, finances and resources (and that sense of security).

Adjacent to this, the transit of Scorpio South Node has to do with emotional manipulation; working on other people’s weak points or confusing them — gaslighting and other means of manipulation.

It’s worth really understanding that these behaviours have karmic repercussions. Anything that you do, regardless of where the North or South Node is — any energetic output that you put out there is going to come back to you. It’s just how the Universe works.

The whole idea with astrology, and working with these Nodes, and understanding your natal energy is that these kinds of (manipulative) practices don’t need to be done in order to get to where you want to go, or to feel a sense of contentment or power.

It’s about understanding your own energy and your own alignment and your own values, which understanding your natal chart can really assist with. It’s like a treasure map, of sorts.

North Node in Taurus

The antidote to being susceptible to energetic manipulation is knowing what you value. This North Node aspect has to do with our own sense of value, what we value, and understanding what grounds us here. What is meaningful to us. What really matters to us, and what we attribute worth to.

It’s a very ‘simple’ energy with Taurus energy in the sense that we’re talking about practical abilities and this very consistent operating system where, little by little, we set solid foundations in place to build upon.

You can look at your own 2nd house — or wherever Taurus is in your natal chart — to understand the energy better, really feeling into the vibrations of what is personal for you. Understanding what you value can fortify your energy and give you clear focus about where to direct your energy. What’s for you and what’s not.

When you know your values — when you’re very sure about what you stand for — you will be able to detect emotional manipulation / energetic manipulation / situations where power dynamics are at play, and you become impervious to these exchanges because you’re not susceptible to that fear trigger of FOMO or false promises.

With Taurus being ruled by Venus, it’s about a sense of comfort and a sense of flow and the five senses. Sensuality and quality. It’s worth considering also that Taurus is a stickler for quality, so purchasing items which have sustainable impact, long-term wear is the right idea during this transit. As is putting money into investments which aren’t flight of fancy, based on market speculation / someone else’s predictions.

Investments need to be based on personal values. Really taking the time to make sure your energetic spends are in alignment and also have a basis in quality, sustainabilityand long-term ROI is key.

Speaking of sustainability, this transit has a lot to do with a return to nature. We are seeing it with the oil prices skyrocketing. It’s going to be a big deal, realizing that we can’t just continue to take and take and take from nature.

My personal view, is that, in order to like make this transition as smooth as possible (as in, alternative fuel re-alignment / non-depleting the Earth of her natural resources) it’s about taking personal responsibility for your own connection to nature and supply, not about projecting energy into everything that’s going/gone wrong /fighting the man.

Supply and demand requires you to demand.

If everybody endeavours to make a personal connection to nature, this immediate conscious awareness is going to shift everything fundamentally from a really core level and have massive reverberating effects.

With the Scorpio energy and transmuting fears and power dynamics — you can integrate this (synthesis the axis) by simply attuning your vibration to a calibrated state by getting your bare feet on the ground.

Scan the natural environment. Immerse yourself in the colours, the smells, the sounds — these Taurean qualities. This is going to really help if you find yourself spiraling or feeling fearful, or overwhelmed or under the infuences of activated trigger points.

Time in nature — this Venusian energy has significant healing potential. After a little bit of practice in this it alters your choices (and your nervous system).

Instead of going out to purchase something that you don’t need, spending that same amount of time taking a walk and appreciating the abundance of the natural elements around you is a simple choice which has far reaching effects. For example, that simple choice included factory involvement (and fuel to some degree). I’m not saying that’s bad, but in that second choice, the benefits are simple, quieter and significant.

When we all play our individual role, and when we take on that personal responsibility instead of like fighting against the man, it happens naturally — organically. These choices are exactly how you take your power back. It’s really simple and it’s all up to you.

Dematerialization is going to be a massive highlight with the North Node in Taurus. Asking yourself — is this something that I’m doing for outer recognition, or is this something that I require?

Another thing to attune to the North Node in Taurus qualities is to set up little rituals which stimulate the senses. Tuning into that Venusian quality of sensuality and comfort; having the good smells and/or aesthetic beauty in your living environment — these kinds of little tweaks create enormous energetic shifts in your energy field.

Practice consciously absorbing the pleasantries and the pleasure of good food and good music and good company and just keeping things as simple and pure as possible. Honing in on the true essence of what really brings contentment to the body to the mind and to the spirit.

Transmuting Survival Patterns

Taurus rules the neck —the throat. A valuable, simple and free action that you can do during this time is some energetic clearing of the neck and the throat with regards to survival patterns. Forgiving ourselves for survival strategies that we’ve done in the past in order to get our basic needs met.

You can do this by visualizing the Reptilian part of the brain (the alta major chakra at the base of the skull, running down the neck and spreading through the should) imbued with blue and white light.

Imagine those patterns of survival stored here in the brain stem flowing out of your body and into the Earth.

If you feel fear and tension, this part of our survival mechanism activates into fright, flight or freeze. Fear is activited.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

We’re working, through visualisation, to disrupt these patterns — these anchor points. This is a really powerful practice and what happens when these survival patterns are cleansed from the body — when these anchor points from childhood diminish — we begin to fortify the knowing that we’re capable of providing for ourselves (2nd house/Taurus) and we begin to feel safe. When consciously working with clearing that energy, our throat chakra starts to spin at a rate that’s congruent with what is true for us. We are then able to communicate our needs more clearly because we’re not bogged down with fear — fear of expression, or fear of rejection — which can happen if we have had trouble feeling safe to express ourselves and our needs. Taurus has to do with innate abilities — our natural and special skills. Consider how Taurus is the 2nd house, which is before Gemini / the 3rd house — which has to do with those first mental constructs. If the 1st house is Aries — which is you embodied here in the world — the 2nd house is innate value. It is your natural skills and abilities embued within, pre-thought.

It’s a natural way of being in the world and having skills which are valuable, and will be valuable to other people too, because you are an authentic expression of the Universe. This is before the mind gets involved.

It’s before conceptualizing, ‘how am I going to do this? How am I going to make money?’ It’s about coming back to those values — what’s really true for you — and seeing how you are already naturally gifted with all the skills and abilities that you need in order to get your needs met and to live in that Venusian comfort where you are secure and provided for (by your own self).

It’s not about kind of thinking or working angles. It’s about recognizing that you already have all the resources you need to get to work, to provide service. It’s already there within you. It’s about getting rid of the social conditioning that dictactes your worth. The 2nd house and Taurus energy has everything to do with establishing a foundation for yourself so that you’re comfortable. So that you can go out into the world and offer these services and these talents.

It’s also worth noting that the moon is exalted (in strength)in Taurus and it falls (in detriment) in Scorpio, so this nodal transit is especially potent.

Working with these ideas can completely shift your existence if you’re willing to synthesize those lower vibrational qualities of the South Node and align toward those higher vibrational qualities of the North Node.

You can take the next 18 months of your life and completely pivot your career, your relationships, your sense of self-worth, confidence — everything can shift.

The power of the moon and this spiraling aspect associated with the nodes is calling you back to true resonance.

It can really work for you if you’re willing to look at some of the icky aspects of power dynamics and how they’ve played out in your life and work on forgiveness, on transmuting that energy (with the help of Mother Nature) and working towards refining your sense of value and worth, and making that your priority.

Keep in mind this transit goes from January 2022 to July 2023. It’s 18 months.

You can look to wherever Satu is in your natal chart to make a long-term plan as to how you’re going to work with this energy.

It’s about the really little things that you do every day. It’s not about doing this powerful pivot, or these big grand ideas or this fast track to success where you shift and change everything. Taurus energy is slow-moving, it perseveres.

It’s more about these incremental, sustainable steps with the long-term picture ahead of you, in mind. In these small shifts, the results compound and this creates a solid foundation that you can build anything from.

When you know your values^, everything evolves from there.

  • ^I’ve created a 2nd house valuation — a short activity that’s free and can help you hone in on the qualities of the 2nd house in your own natal chart.

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