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Nikola Tesla Natal Chart

Nikola Tesla was born at the stroke of midnight during an electrical storm on the 10th of July 1856 (). In his youth, his father reportedly taught him to recite long passages of text and the pair frequently played a game of trying to read the others mind. His mother made tapestries and invented her own mechanisms like spinning wheels to help her craft intricate designs.

Tesla discovered how to harness free energy in the early 1900’s. Even TO THIS DAY there is denial that the science to generate free energy exists due to the inconvenience it would cause to those ‘in charge’ — that being what lines their pockets (namely lies + greed). Tesla lost funding on his research projects regarding free energy due to the inability to have this science commercialised (hence: being free). He was also ridiculed/ostracised for the belief that this was even possible (Scorpio in the 7th - more on this later) and was essentially gaslit for his genius.

Here are a few things I find fascinating about his chart.

Tesla has natal Uranus in Taurus at (23° 6’) in the first house. This is my favourite thing about his natal chart.

Uranus being electricity/wavelengths/frequency, genius, cosmic downloads, humanitarianism, revolution, renegade mentality, the planet of disruption. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury - the higher mind. Taurus represents the Earth, of Gaia, Mother Nature, values and value.

We, as a collective, have recently entered the first return of Uranus in Taurus since Tesla’s time (currently 4° Taurus). One could say he did the groundwork for what we’re soon to discover about free/clean energy as this current Uranus in Taurus transit continues (now until 2026).

This placement in the first house (I AM presence/leadership/innovation/instigation/initiative) shows he was born to be the fore-runner of bringing cosmic energies down to Earth. He literally and frequently subjected his body (1st house) to electric pulses* to show that we humans, are too, electric beings (Ever had a static shock?). He could light up lightbulbs with his energy alone.

The ‘Battle of the Currents’ between he and Edison spoke of their fight for the 'better' electricity — DC (Direct Current - Edison) and AC (Alternating Current - Tesla). I won’t go too much into the science (mainly because it’s beyond me), but Tesla saw AC as ‘perfect’, more in line with how we operate as electro-magnetic-organic organisms (magnetic as in the realm of Law of Attraction for example, - you get what you think about/are a magnet for more of it). He saw the world in terms of frequency and energy, moving if waves, and he frequently recharged his body to reorganise/recalibrate the currents/clear the fields within his body (1st house).

It’s proposed that after Mark Twain's exposure to Tesla + his ideas, Twains writing escalated to the degree of brilliance he is known for today.

What’s also interesting about Tesla’s chart that Pluto is in the 1st house, close to his Ascendent, indicating frequent cycles of death and rebirth, also being that he himself (his I AM presence) would be a game-changer.

He was a literal transformer (Pluto - 1st house).

Also, Tesla work was often targeted (due to its genius) and he faced destruction (Pluto) of his labs more than once, only to have to rise again and restart his life's work. (Fortunately, he had it all memorised).

Pluto is a widely misunderstood planet, as was Tesla. His wisdom/his ideas/his impressions were otherworldly (Pluto/Neptune/Uranus), and he faced ostracism (Pluto) because of that.

My second favourite thing about Tesla’s chart is the sheer size of his 12th house (psychic impressions/cosmic connections/imagination/intuition/spirituality) and subsequently his 6th house (work, service to the world, responsibilities, daily tasks).

Firstly, the 12th house not only comprises nearly all of Pisces (home in the 12th, the cosmos/imaginations/creativity/oneness), but Neptune (other realities/major psychic awareness) is also places there too. It’s well known that Tesla trusted/used his imaginative faculties to create his inventions. He would imagine/envision (12th house/Pisces/Neptune) all aspects of his designs through visualisations, making edits in his minds-eye/imagination until they were perfect in theory before he even began crafting the machines/inventions in the physical. His extra-sensory perception (Neptune) was his greatest ally which would come to make him a pioneer/leader (Aries) in his field and following his North Node perfectly.

With Aries in the 12th also, along with his North Node/destiny conjunct Jupiter, leadership/innovation/initiation was written in the stars for Tesla, and he knew HE could bring it to life.

With Jupiter in Aries in the 12th, this would have bought him good luck and major advancements with his subconscious functioning. Unfortunately, it also expanded (Jupiter) the potential of people viewing him as a nut-job (the 12th house also governs asylums). To me, he was simply misunderstood/ahead of his time. (Although he did have a deep repulsion toward fruit, pearls and touching hair, which is pretty weird. No (slight) judgement)

Tesla was a Cancer, with Venus conjunct his sun. The man truly cared (Cancer) about people (what with wanting to empower the world/dedicate his life to providing them with tools to improve their lives). He was also very much an advocate against war. In fact he despised it. He wouldn’t work with governments for military purposes because of his aversion. He genuinely cared (Venus conjunct Sun in Cancer) about humanity as a whole (though maybe not to the same extent individually - see 5th chart for more on this).

With the Sun and Venus in the 4th (Cancer) — privacy was imperative for him. He would frequently withdraw himself from his social circles and experience long bouts of solitude (4th house/Cancer energy). Also! It is reported that he was deeply in love with a woman who was married to his close friend, and she love him too. Tesla didn’t act on it because he deeply regarded his friendship - so he kept these feelings private (Venus in the 4th). In fact, it’s reported that Tesla has a vision/premonition (12th house/Neptune/Uranus in the 1st) that this woman's husband would be in a train crash and told him not to go. (Even though this would open the door to his love). The train did crash, but the guy didn’t die.

This integrity/compassion is also is shown through his Saturn in Cancer. He has a realistic (Saturn) view of his emotion (Cancer) - and showed his caring nature through his work, meeting restrictions (Saturn) when it came to matters of the heart (Cancer). Tesla never married. This placement in the 3rd house shows he intellectualised much of his feelings, which makes sense, especially considering his Saturn is conjunct Mercury in the 3rd house. This dude was not only intuitive (Uranus in the 1st/Neptune-Pisces in the 12th) but cerebral AF (Mercury ruler of Gemini at home in the 3rd house).

Another interesting factor of his chart is this YOD - also known as a Finger of God or destiny point. The sextile between Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces point to his Mars in Libra.

Essentially, both of these cosmic planets worked together to charge up his motivation/willpower to continue his life’s work despite the frequent and ongoing setbacks. Mars is debilitated in Libra - pointing to how his social groups/other people constantly pulled this man down, but never out, as he was frequently recharged by cosmic energies - Uranus and Neptune - to continue with his work (Mars in the 6th). With his Pluto in the 1st, he would rise again, showing the world while he might’ve been quiet, he never stopped working/advancing his genius.

With the Moon conjunct his Mars in the 6th this also points to how he used his intuition in his daily work practices to advance. And with Venus and the Moon in mutual reception (Venus ruling Libra - in Cancer, and Moon ruling Cancer - in Libra) — this points again to his desire to be of service to others through his work, but doing so through his own soul's passions.

The relationships Tesla held were few. He seemed to hold a mistrust for others, and I don’t blame him really. These placements of Sun and Venus in the 4th in Cancer, and also Scorpio in the 7th, indicate he was a deeply sensitive man, and the ridicule he faced from those around him would have cut deep, resulting in long periods of isolation. He was an outsider for sure, happiest in his own energy. I imagine he found great solace in his imaginations, and his subconscious provided him with the companionship he often couldn’t find in the outside world. In his later years, he found kinship with pigeons more than humans. He seemed like the kind of fellow to keep a very small, but rich in quality social network. The good friends who last a lifetime though weren't necessarily around him frequently.

One final note: As mentioned, since we are now in the time again of Uranus in Taurus, don’t be too surprised as we venture closer toward the latter decan of this transit (20-29 degrees from 2024-26) that the genius (Uranus) of Tesla’s work, is grounded (Taurus) here on Earth (heart) for all of us to enjoy/see, finally completing the vision he had for all of us.


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