Neptune in Pisces - A meditation

Get comfortable. 

Childs pose. 

Savansana. Or just read through where you are.

Whatever you want.

You needn’t stay perfectly still

In fact, movement is encouraged.

Come into your body

Move your hips

Feel where you touch the floor

How much surface area of you is connected?

Breathe deep through your nose

Hone into the base of your spine

What does that area feel like?

Relax the area where your shoulders meet your neck. 

Breathe into it. 

Do you feel a tension around your collarbone?

That’s okay. 

Imagine it fluid,



just for a moment. 

Let your brain soften. 

Is your tongue on the roof of your mouth?

Soften your gums.

Relax your teeth,

your throat.

Breathe out from your nostrils.

Feel your brows. 

Soften your eye sockets.

Soften the area in front of your ears.

Notice how your brain bends. 

Try to viscerally feel

your mind open. 

You’re entering the receptive mode. 

Sense any tension in your body.

Go there. 

Breathe into it. 

Breathe around it.


Notice what comes up

Let it be a passing thought

Relax your facial features. 

Your chest may tighten.

Let your armpits relax.

Let your heart relax .

Let it be open. 

Soften your ribcage.

Focus on being light. 

Breathe into your heart.

Let there be more space than matter.

Acknowledge the sensation.

Relax your shoulders

Breathe deep

Expand your chest

Feel your body connect to the floor

Let the earth meet you.

It will support you.

Do everything you can to soften the soles of your feet

And your ankles.

Release any tension into the earth.

Let it go.

You don't need to figure anything out.

You can just release It for now.

Or at least be peaceful with it.

This is Neptune. 

Neptune doesn't need to understand the details. 

There are no borders.

It's fluid.



It doesn't ask for answers,

it moves in waves.

You can access Neptunian energy

to find space to let go.

You needn't analyse all your struggles,

you just need to want to dissolve them. 

Let everything be soft.

Let there be more space than matter.

Breathe out.

Relax the soles of your feet.

Your knees.

Relax your heart

Release your worries 

into the earth

Be fluid.

Let go.

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