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Energy Backed Currency

Since the GFC of 2020 I’ve blown up hundreds of thousands of brain cells consuming content to offset my financial illiteracy. After digesting a range of viewpoints from finance gurus sharing their two cents about the state of the economy and where it’s heading, I caught sense of the underlying issue, closed my computer and smiled to myself.

That smile turned into a little chuckle, because in truth it’s all very simple, and it’s been with us the whole time.

The value of a dollar — or whatever the token may be — is, will be, and always has been backed by energy.

Not smoke-stack energy, but the personal, self-generating kind.

And the better the quality, the longer it;

a. keeps (or compounds) it’s value

b. lasts

Slowing right down to ... find your own speed.

There’s no value to anything without alignment.

No lasting value anyway.

If you’re speaking, thinking or acting out of alignment with your inner values (what you really mean), chances are you’re spending energy (money / time) the same way.


And if your energetic spends (the effort/time/money you exert) are spent loosely, what you receive in exchange for what you offer can only equate to the quality of your input. i.e. not as much as it could be.

This is the result of fragmented energy.

Essentially, you’re working with vapour where you could be working with the power of Niagra.

Any dissatisfaction re: work, or renumeration, or fear about economical affairs are partly rooted in the denial some pretty special talents laying dormant within.

Personal example: For the last 5 years I’ve been working as a freelance graphic designer. Job after job, client after client, the RO(energetic)I totally never worked out. For one, I didn’t know how to price my services, for two, I consistently got worked overtime and for three, every project was a drain and next to no satisfaction met my bones. My attention was elsewhere — mostly in space.

Classic example of operating out of alignment with my personal values and innate, authentic talents.

I was chasing the cash, and I never caught it. And it felt … terrible. Exhausting. Untrue. But when I got a comment on any of my space writing, it felt like receiving a $10,000 cheque.

So I looked at the evidence and determined a few uncompromisable factors — i.e. my integrity, mental health and the truth about how long I could run on cortisol.

I realised I would never be able to find the ‘correct price’ for something that wasn’t right for me.

I needed to let the value bloom from within, instead of grasping outside.

In chasing the money, one compromises integrity and delays something quite beautiful.

The new payment system

Consider the possibility that you have a very special, unique gift. One to where carrying out any form of development of that gift pays you instantly.

That’s right — every time you hone that talent, you get funded.

Sounds pretty epic, right?

Well, the fact is — that system is in play right this very second. And you’re a totally eligible candidate.

The difference is, you get paid in energy, not coins. You get charged up. You get sparked. You get lit from within.

You get paid before even reaching the end product/goal.

Way before even releasing anything to market.

Even before telling anyone your plans.

The process pays you in energy.

Imagine how that would feel. Getting charged up like that.

Now imagine if you let that motor run, compounding, building, strengthening, moving through life backed by the knowledge that this self-perpetuating energy could be sparked and harnessed with focused intention alone.

There really is waaaay less to do.

The time to stop and reflect does exist.

But until you stop, it will always seem elusive.

Let me ask you a question —

Do you currently value your time and energy?

Here’s how you can tell:

  • Have you ever wanted to counter ‘NO’ to an employer, but didn’t?

  • Paid the rest of the world before you did something for yourself that nourished your spirit?

  • Told yourself your talents can’t be monetised because you have to first make a living?

These acts of self betrayal allows anyone who comes into your orbit to emit the same energy onto you. This can show up as others taking advantage of/draining your time, energy and funds and usually results in you wanting to scream into a pillow.

Your whole existence starts and stops and starts again with you. No-one outside of you. No son, no daughter, no parent, no boss, no colleague — no-one has power over you.

IF you’re constantly ‘under the pump’ from others, it’s likely you’re not giving yourself enough time to explore your talents.

If you feel resentful that someone else has more, you need to start buying yourself gifts and practice receiving.

Stop saying yes when you want to say no.

Stop being logical.

If only for a minute, to check for alignment.

When you start making these slight shifts, you’ll begin to notice that through these actions/words/thoughts you’re constantly communication with The Universe what you’re happy to put up with. And when you’re not wound up by work/people/activities/obligations you don’t like, you give yourself the time to linger longer in a calmer space where your natural talents can bubble to the surface.

They’ve been waiting for you.

And the best thing is — by spending your energy in this way, you receive dividends immediately. This feeling. It’s a gift no-one could possibly provide you, and the fact you generated it yourself creates this compound effect.

After a few of these ‘payments’ you kinda stop caring about whether anyone else values it, because you do and that’s a good feeling that is rich with so many avenues of potential.

So back to the money..

It might take a while adjust the existing momentum (i.e. what you “should” think about money/programmed beliefs), but there’s no timeline to abide by. In fact, by consuming that detail, you're on the other side already. Let it settle in. We're now in a period of adjustment, choosing what seeds to tend to.

It’s worth remembering that it’s the small actions no-one sees which compound integrity/self-worth/personal value.

I mean, really minor details, like:

  • Giving yourself congrats every time you pause before spending/quoting/agreeing on your dollar-in-exhange-for-time ratio. Use previous sore-spots to help guide you where you need to look. And don’t be afraid to add an extra zero. Only you can do what you do — and you better believe there’s a market for it.

  • Money in, money out. Money likes to flow like water. Nature moves in cycles, so does energy, so does money. Let it move like water. Let your money into the world. Bless it. Like it. Treat it like it's helpful. Let it be comfortable around you. Let it flow. Let yourself receive it back in the same calm manner.

  • If you're unsure where to invest, simply look for people/companies/ideas backed by good energy. Notice the tone of the vibe surrounding potential investments. Notice the subtle indicators. If you’ve got that good gut feeling about something, that’s a great indicator. If you’ve read the Celestine Prophecy, I refer to you the 9th Insight. Following this guideline ensures that your investments compound in the same way exercising your gifts compounds your energy.

  • Most importantly, back yourself. This is the end of the article, but where you should start. Immediately start a fund for you to spend on yourself, starting with the little things. Happily give yourself enjoyable experiences. Investing in yourself is absolutely the best investment you will make. It shows the Universe you’re worth investing in so it will dish back the same. (But do note, you don't have to accept every opportunity that comes your way.)

Honour the lessons you’ve learnt as the old behaviours fade away. Energy doesn’t die, it’s only ever transformed, so it's in your best interest to make peace with it to equalise the energy. Give yourself permission to explore the avenues which look bright to you — let yourself be curious about the ones which really ring your bell. I promise, it will be worth it.

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