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Portals, Perspective + Retrograde Planets

Your perception is internally generated.
Your perception is your power.

The universe will spell it out point blank for you, but whether you're open to the messages being sent your way  is another story.

Examine the lenses you look through (hint: they change room to room, person to person). You’ll be able to feel whether they’re working for you, and in due time you’ll see so clearly what filters are due for release, which need a slight alteration and which you've been seeing through the wrong prescription. 

Space to flow is essential.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are trining (in harmonious flow) with Mercury during this transit, asking you to take ownership of your perception, your feelings, your trauma, your wounds, and to notice what happens when you do — how your experiences start to unfold differently.

Capricorn/Saturn rules Karma + Time

This sextile is saying you incarnated here to learn these lessons/have these experiences.

Gear toward taking responsibility of your patterns, your projections, your influence, your contribution to situations physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically (i.e. vibrationally) and watch what happens. 

If you approach your limiting beliefs/wounds/pain with an 

ACCEPTANCE & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that it’s all transpired to teach you, to help you evolve, to advance you — well then, prepare yourself for incredible quantum leaps forward.

Openness is key.

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