Clearing Energy Blocks

It’s not ‘the story’ you’re healing, but the energy behind it.

To know if this article is for you, take a deep breath. If you feel a blockage anywhere, any area where your breath doesn’t go or there seems to be a constriction, you’ve likely got some stuck energy so perhaps it’ll be worth your time to read on.

Let’s kick off with the baseline of everything :

everything is energy, and, energy is always in motion.

Even those very solid, seemingly inpenetrable blockages are energy in motion.

Perhaps you feel it below your navel, between, in and around your ribs. Or maybe it’s the hip region.

Or your ovaries. Or maybe your glutes are rock hard right now with tension.

Maybe you’re levitating over your chair.

Or maybe the block is behind your heart.

Or in your armpits.

These areas might feel stuck or stagnant, but, zoom in times x, and you’ll see the energy is moving,

it’s just moving tightly, in a patterned, practiced formation.


I’m not saying the following information will solve ALL your problems.

Also, I’m not an MD and this is subjective af.

What I am saying is that experience shows, if you give these blockages the attention they want, if you venture in with curiosity, and if you believe that knowing yourself and mastering your energy is a key to your happiness, and also related to the vibration you're emitting then it’s certainly worth a look.

So, why are these blockages here?

Many reasons, but backing those reasons (again) is energy — a particular experience/feeling/trauma/pattern which wasn’t processed and it wants attention. You were probably small and or vulnerable at the time, and didn’t have the processing power to manage it, there is a lot of confusing messages in this world and this experience was one of them, so it got stored for later, and now it’s sending signals + flares so you can find it, acknowledge it, breath into it, understand it and disperse it so it can do what energy does and change form.

Energy wants to move.


It's it's nature.

It's alchemy.

Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed.

If you’re doubtful,

consider this a VR (virtual reality) experience.

Just try for a dedicated five minutes and see

how many limiting beliefs you hold

(get it?, because they're stored within)

start to break down, opening space for something better, and helping you feel lighter as a result.

It’s free, you don’t need anyone to help you, and you can totally ad-lib/ adjust the details/nuances to your specs.

It just takes a few minutes of focus.

First step:


Your body is made up of very many of these.

The outer blue rings represent the movement of energy, the central cluster is contained energy (blue+pink); like an idea — something defined, something which has shape, like ‘book’ or a complete sentence. Some as intangible as an idea.

The space around the cluster — the blue outer rings and the white space around them— are the hallways where energy can move, depending on the size of the hallway and the size of the cluster.

In these hallways, as it moves it bangs into other energy, journeying from one cluster to the next, always in a state of flow.

(Again, subjective af.

A visual, if you will)


With breath and focus, you can diffuse clusters*.

*ideas, formations, stored memories, blocked areas

Consider how:

You are made of energy. Many, many clusters bundled together. Much of it you don’t even know about, can't consciously feel it, but that’s your composition — you're a collection of energy.

(and energy is always in motion)

There’s also energy around you. Other clusters, some positioned near, some far, some dense, some spacious. Some of it is targeted at you, some breezes by. Some sticks around. Some goes.

Some you absorb.

Some you deflect.

Maintenance is required to determine:

a. what’s yours b. what isn’t c. what to hold on to