Periods, Brainwaves + Astrology

Think about a life where you trust your timing

like you trust

the seasons to change


the sun to rise.

This knowing

that you will have fruitful seasons of life,

so you honour the phases

because they all contribute

to the overall cycle.

Basic awareness of

the phases per menstrual cycle

works in the same way.

The phases of your life 

and the phases of your cycle

are designed for periods of growth

and periods of rest. 


Sometimes you're at full bloom,

and sometimes you grow in ways nobody could have expected.

Sometimes you need time

in the metaphoric dirt

focusing your energy inward,

before you break new ground.





With this perspective

you can overlay a new energetic timeline

over your life,

flowing with creative energy

when you have it,

resting completely when you need to.


This altered rhythm

has a powerful influence

and opens you up

to so much more

in terms of physical comfort,

mental equanimity

and psychic awareness,

not to mention

body awareness

and a sense of




'Doing the work' doesn't feel 'hard'.
There's a time for it.
And there's times for
rest too.
There's balance.
There's flow.
Here's an example
(of how the phases could be utilised in the scope of a complete cycle)
What's cool is the leverage this provides.
We'll go into more depth
in each phase breakdown

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