Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space

There was a time long ago when women would gather as they menstruated.


The veil to other realms is thin

during this sacred phase.

Psychic abilities enhanced.


In this stillness,

 insights are bestowed

to those who

slow down enough to hear.


With attuned

extra-sensory abilities,

women received insights



action steps to take

into their next cycle,

for the benefit of themselves,

and those they cared for.

There was an understanding.


A trust in the cycles,

and an honouring

of this sacred time.

We receive everything we need


when we honour our energy,

balancing doing

with being.

We know innately

what it is we need.

As you tune into

your own personal orbit, 

noticing the nuances

of your emotional/physical needs

and the innate vibration

within you,

you too can relieve

the conditioning

about how you ‘should’ operate, 

how quick you ‘should’ move,

where you 'should' spend your energy

and determine those factors

from an internal place of equilibrium,

expressing your unique self

in a more authentic way. 



There is so much more to you 

than you know. 

You're much more

than the stories

you've been told.

It's time to remember.