Cycles within Cycles
Periods, Brainwaves + Astrology

The cycles of astrology, 

and the menstrual cycle

show us that there’s 

time for everything. 



A time to work, 

a time to create,

 to converse, 

to initiate, 

to withdraw,
to let go,

 to go deep,

 to connect, 

to just chill.

Consider how the moon changes signs 

every 2.2 days. 


As it changes signs it expresses 

a new frequency

emitting different energy signatures.



It’s on a different speed

to Saturn, or the Sun.


It doesn’t rush to get 

to the next expression, 

or worry 

if it will become full again.





It’s cyclic.





And like the Moon, Saturn and Venus and the Sun,

and all the other planets


— you’ve got your own speed.

Your own rhythm.



Everything is energy

and energy is fluid.

There are so many layers


it''s always in flux.

Tuning into your personal orbit

relieves conditioning about how you ‘should’ operate, 

how quick you ‘should’ move.



those factors are determined from an internal place of equilibrium,

from which energy

is expressed harmoniously,


It’s simply not realistic 

to operate consistently

day in day out.


It’s also not realistic to 

keep up with anyone.






There's an intelligence

around us that

knows h o w.

And that same


is within you.

It's just a matter

of nurturing the experiences,

so you can learn

to trust your own timing.

Your own rhythm.