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Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space

The energy of the moon

is not cognitive.

It's a subtle perception,

like closing your eyes

and seeing an image,

or colours.

It's the energy of a dream.

Consider this:

minute 2:28 - 4:20

The moon speaks of resonance.




Like sound. 

Your natal moon has a vibration.

Even a small amount of time 

focused on /


the qualities

of your moon sign

can help you find


Can help you tune into

an energetic state,

beyond mind.

Beyond words.

Beyond logical structures.



Consider the Moon’s role to ‘feel’ .


To ‘feel’ isn’t directly relative to ‘emotions’,

you feel with resonance.

With sensations.


To vibrate the essence.




You attune your body,

your vessel,

to a harmonic wave.


This is why the moon is linked to psychic perception,

because you are ‘tuning’ into a different frequency entirely. 

Possible outcomes:

Ability to manage overwhelm (energy)

Understanding of patterns

Recognition of self

Move beyond collective energy

Access to present moment, and beyond


Outer Inner Space

To get you started on moon attunement:

Outer Inner Space

A few thoughts

on each sign:


Your body is the focus as an Aries Moon — your physical essence. The resonance you emit, beyond mind, beyond thought.

You're encouraged to feel into your aura, your energetic field —  completely solo.


The more you notice the nuances, the sensations rolling through you, or places which feel numb or tense, the more you can tune into the subtleties — the waves, the condensed ones, the longer ones —
the more you feel yourself as a vibrational being, the greater the power you possess when you realise you can then take hold of  that vibration and direct it toward what you want. You can direct it where you want. 

This is your spiritual nature. And will serve as inspiration to others. 

This is what Buddha meant when he said 

‘Be the change’.


The sense of value attributed to people, places, things (external) needs to be balanced with equal attention inward, toward your being and your innate value. The skills which come naturally, the knowledge you possess, your innate abilities and the value you offer simply by being you.


The subtle ways you operate need to be appreciated on a cellular level, regularly. Embraced regularly.


Sitting on Earth and feeling your connection, your place here, and letting that sensation — that charge — vibrate through you fully. This resets you. It aligns you. 

As you apply deep appreciation for your presence, so too will you be able to recognise the unique qualities in others, and their ability to recognise talent in you, generating a feedback loop of growth.


As you embrace the appreciation of their energy, so too will your self esteem grow. Imagine what happens when appreciation is recognised and compounded like this. All we can create are things of quality - of value. 


You can see many sides to situations, and your gift is to 'feel' through potentials. 

Do note — your spirit is much bigger than your intellect (as big as that is), you're able to tap into information beyond thought — so allowing divine intelligence to meet with your
cognitive intelligence will help you tap you into worlds of data that will provide more wisdom than any familiar means of input.

From that intention to go beyond the conditioned and fact-focused mind and by feeling into ‘the field’, really feeling the potentials energetically, decision-making becomes instinctual and you will find the truth vibrating beneath all of the  stimuli. It will feel good to you.

Light. Really simple.


When you resonate with that
simplicity, you will communicate with clarity and that is why you’re here, to share what you know.  


Seclusion is needed to find harmony within. 

All the care extended to others needs to be felt and contained within your body, at least for enough time that you f e e l the value of that gift you possess, your sensitivity, your empathic ability — and what that means. Likely it will be underplayed, overlooked.


Tune into your heart. Direct the energy there.


Tell it you appreciate all it does for others, then tell it has done such a good job.


Feel it relax from the acknowledgement, then allow that relaxation to spread from your heart centre, through your torso, down your legs, arms and up through your crown.


Sit in that vibration and cherish it, as often as you can.  Receive the nourishment. 


Freedom of imagination is key for you.
Imagination is the first step of creativity, and it all happens on the astral plane, in the minds-eye. Beyond logic. Beyond everything physical.


Creativity is a feeling/a vibration/a vision before it gets translated into form. It’s limitless. It knows no bounds.

Allow time to fall into the natural state of a child’s spirit and imagine all you find beautiful, all you find spectacular, all you find magical - from this world or any other you dream up. 

This will reset your resonance to that of love, of beauty, because a child knows love, knows beauty without duality, without judgement. It’s simply a natural expression. This is you. Love what you love wholeheartedly and see how that serves you.


See how it tunes you back to you.


You give and you give. Do yourself a service, and sit like the Hermit, allowing the details of the day, of the week, of the future to flash like fireworks, then look at the space between glistening light and concentrate there. On the blank space.


Focus more and more on this space, the simplicity beyond the details. The emptiness there. This is what you need to give yourself in this moment - this space to be, beyond the colour and the stimuli. A blank sky to rest upon, just for a minute. 

Your subconscious has it all sorted. There's a beautiful way your moon can weave a story, let her take care of it.

Breathe into your cells and notice how they’re operating like fireworks too, bursting with dynamic energy here and there, regenerating constantly, renewing.

Then focus on the space between those cells too. 

Here you are - more space than matter,
recalibrating into perfection, constantly.


Within you there's a balance point. The middle way between good and bad, right and wrong. Enough and excess. It's a fine line to walk, and this can be tiring.

If there’s inner conflict, disharmony within or without, the fluid flow, this resonance, is impeded.

Simply allowing contrasting winds, allowing them to move as they will, is what will bring you to equilibrium. You stand strong regardless. Let the opinions breeze through you. Don't hold on too long, don't hold on at all. Just watch the winds blow.

Be the air the wind blows through and allow the space between to organise as divine intelligence always does. 


Harmony harmonises. Equalibrium naturally restores itself. Let that be the way you reach your decisions.

Be more space than matter and feel into the space within you, and how it merges outside of you, to find what you need to know, to see the middle way.


To sense the unconscious motivations of self and other, and know the truth of it within self takes courage.

To tune into your essence, means
acknowledging the depth of this power, and not shying away from that power.

This may bring up fear, but the truth is
never something to fear. The truth is
freedom, because there's no discord there. Because you are powerful beyond means of cognition, remember, you are
never given anything you can’t deal with.

The key is to meet this power and practice resonance with it, feeling it course through you, noticing what it does to your being when it does. 

These small doses of attunement when you will need it, will help you develop comfort with it. Regular practice will help you master it, and you will be able to apply it masterfully, with pure intention.


You need to know there are many
possibilities available to you — and there are, always. In the realms of open and expansive perspective is where you will find comfort.


Get out of the mind, out of established constructs and the conditioning and limitations placed upon you by the outer world and explore the world through your minds-eye, through the expanse of your inner realm. Freedom here is limitless, and in these visions you'll see next steps.

This is available to you any time, any where.


All you  need to do is close your eyes to journey. This curiousity in to what else exists, into alt realms is a whole new level of your existence. You will be shown where to go.

Tuning in this way allows travel to far-off lands. Your experiences there will lead you toward greater wisdom, toward new adventures and that wisdom, that perspective is what the world needs right now.


Embody it. Vibrate it.

Teach and learn.

Learn and teach.


To align, we need you in integrity. To be in integrity — mind, body and soul need to integrate. To integrate, you need to find your own pace, your own speed and to slow way down. You operate on a timeline completely unique to you, outside of established schedules and it's generally a slower wave in terms of resonance.


You can't compare your journey to anyone else. Ever.

In your quiet moments, feel into the field around your body. Put up a shield to the demands of the outside world and feel into the space. Push out responsibilities and tune into the idea that your responsibility to yourself always needs to come first because you in your mastery is you in resonance and you in resonance is the leader we need.

 Time is on your side, so long as you don’t let anyone outside of you dictate that timeline.

Resonate on your own timeline, own it, claim it - then consider next steps. 


Expanding the mind beyond what is known is integral for you, but to get to the original thought, to activate integration of the pure cosmic information, your vibration needs space. A lot of it. So much. Because in this space  outer-cosmic forces connect with you and the purity of your aura. It's here the tuning can take place.


Your ready-and-able mind finally find waves which make sense. 

A resonance with all beyond the intellect is needed.  


Your natural supernatural vessel needs experiences and information beyond normal to feel some semblance of comfort.

The mind is not in the head. It’s a field.


Feel into that field. It's electro magnetic and you feel that.


Quiet your electro-magnetic field in nature, in space, where only truth remains, and in that quiet, you find your freedom, you find your wave.


The perfection of the Universe will bring you closer to the pure state of self, 

where you're clear and ready to receive wisdom that will help you radiate truth, just by being.


A dissolving of the past, of the
future, spreading out the moment and the space between the seconds.

Fewer words. Nowhere to be. No-one to be. Just waves, colours. Maybe tone.

Then comes the light, the sparkle,

at the corner of your eye.

The connection, the knowingness.

Finally, something you can tune to.

Practice it often, this state, so you can be 

refilled. So you can release all you absorb.

Practice me time, with no plans, with no goal, with no outcome in mind. With no mind at all.

No, this is not for nothing. Doing nothing s absolutely the opposite of doing nothing.

This energy doing what energy does. Existing.

Peace will befall you and this is what you will offer others. Your aura will amplify  this energy and when you walk into the world again, you influence the collective with your presence alone.

Adjust the dial

so it's personal to you.

Outer Inner Space

Follow the subtle energy,

and create experiences

to validate your intuition.

It's a practice of a lost art,

beckoning your return.




As you do

you build trust.

With the Universe.

With yourself. 


For more on tuning

to the Moon's energy,

check out this video

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