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Outer Inner Space

Venus represents

the Yin essence. 










She knows she is nature,

so she trusts in the process —

in her process

relative to timing,

energy flow

and cycles.

Like nature —

the space for unique,



of shape,

bloom rate,




exists for you too.


You too 

have the right to feel,


and express

what is unique

about you.

It is needed.


for the collective beauty.

Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space

< you

Learning the qualities of

your Venus sign

can help you get beyond

the analytic mind

and determine

what really matters to you.


What you value

what makes you feel content

what softens the edges..


What you need.


The steps:

Outer Inner Space
Outer Inner Space

For example:

Outer Inner Space

A few ideas to get you started..

Venus speaks of a state of receptivity,

where the body is at ease.

Not in the future, or the past.


To tune to her energy,

begin with small, sensual acts.

Little gestures to 

align with the


of receptivity

and richness in the moment.

Notice how time bends.

This is the other side

of the force spectrum.

It's how you magnetically attract

what you want,

by first c r e a t i n g

the e s s e n c e

in your imagination.

Repeat often as required.



Venus  energy is as creative as she is receptive.

The receptivity is how she 'receives' visions/guidance/insights.


The creativity is her putting them into action.


Venus is how you

express yourself aesthetically,

how your flow

with your activities.

What they're powered by?

Are they forceful or strained?

You can use Venus energy

to bring more richness

to your life's design. 

Outer Inner Space

For example:

During the Luteal phase,

when our brain hemispheres are balanced and when progesterone increases, 

we're able to 'see'

what's working for us,

and what is not.


It's not a 'charged'

emotional reaction

— just a knowing.

It might be a vision,

a visceral feeling,

inner dialogue

— a simple realisation.

This is Venusian energy. 

After 'receiving' these insights, you can decide

to make adjustments 

next cycle,

determining what

you will allow enter

into your experience

(your energy field)

and what patterns you

will let go of

with your bleed.

[ things don't always need to make 'sense' ]


(like the creative process) is also​

non - linear.

She moves in spirals.


She understands her

own hormonal fluctuations

and makes


to maximise comfort

and efficiency

and minimise harm

and upstream momentum.

There's grace

in her operations

even in

unpredictable conditions.

Venus can teach you

about your needs,

your comfort

and how / where to

spend your energy.


She knows what she values.


she knows

what to invest in.



It starts with knowing herself.

Establishing this foundation

creates a focus,

whereby steady channels

of self-respect and self-worth

are constantly in flow,

thereby attracting in

scenarios / opportunities

which allow you

to experience

your version of abundance.

Work with Venus

on a money plan

which nourishes you

Outer Inner Space




As you start to receive

the good you deserve,

what you magnetise back

as a result changes too.

It's in the small,


moment to moment

acts of care,

compounded daily.


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