An Energetic Prescription.

30min consult PLUS Energetic Prescription PLUS Chart Notes

First, we talk. This allows me to get a feel for your energy and the reason for the exploration.

If you prefer not to chat in person (via Zoom) in a 1 on 1 format, you're welcome to send me an email or an audio file explaining what you'd like to delve into.


*The Prescription* is delivered within 48-72 hours from the initial consult.

These ideas help support the energy shift — a combination of videos of interest, meditative comtemplations, body-work experiences or whatever else comes to mind — curated specifically to your energy and the point(s) of interest. They're suggestions - do one or all of them. The intention is that the session carries on long after the initial session with these supporting resources.


*The Natal Chart* reading is delivered 7-10 days following our initial interaction.

You'll receive a pdf (7-10 pages) covering various placements/aspects of immediate relevance to the enquiry. With these insights you can draw upon the energy to establish yourself / prepare your energy / recalibrate your vessel. The chart insights point you to your power.



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Energetic Prescription

Energetic Prescription

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These sessions are based on intuitive insights 

If that's not your jam, you're in the wrong spot. 


To book your session

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If you have any questions

connect with me here.


"You definitely have highlighted aspects that weren't ever discussed before I love it. Truly.
I especially love the notes like (moon), (Scorpio) because it helps me understand where everything is coming from. I also love how you mentioned the supporting energies and where to look within myself for support. I'm so happy!"

- @thelizmiller

"I am so pleased with the notes! Your words have resonated in me so much, I can't believe it. I cried a bit to be honest."

- @lumosmoon

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