To ground ESP abilities is to understand your energy field is 

constantly in communication with other energy fields — 

always transmitting and

receiving messages. 

All that is required to

calibrate your field

is space in your own energy,

and frequent, consistent moments

of attention,

plus an openness to

the idea that

you're so much more

than what you've been told. 

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Attunement to the body

and awareness of your field

and how it operates

is the key to unlocking and reinstating all manner of 

extra sensory perceptions.

These abilities become enhanced

when the mind, body and spirit are interwoven and non-conflicted.

This is our natural state of being.

The body self-corrects to this state.

Sometimes though, 

our mental imagery and programs slow down this recovery process.


The body is an antennae

which extends beyond your physical being —

 sensitivities go beyond what you see, 

and this space is your field.

At this very moment, 

the device you're reading this on

is in your field,

the thoughts you're thinking

are in your field,

the imagery / associations

you're projecting are in your field too.

You can emit waves from within this field,

or be subject to incoming waves.

The ratio of output vs. input is important.

(we'll talk about this more in part 3)


To tune these 'luminous filaments' back to a state of balance

(not perfection)

is both a natural and ongoing process.

It's a somatic sensation.

It refines. 

Then, when you go out into the world,

your body is able to pick up specific info,

and your intuition is clear  enough to decipher / deliver it.

This is why energy maintenance is key, not just to release the cyclic/stored energy patterns, 

but to create space for

new perceptions to occur.

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