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few notes from an amazing book called

The Holographic Universe 

by Michael Talbot

We are in a pool of waves

all the time,

creating interference patterns

and receiving interference patterns.

When the body is attuned,

or is at least receptive to the idea that it can be attuned to different frequencies

(different qualities of these patterns),

a whole manner of different experiences open up.

This is how to access alt. realities.

This is how to use imagery to enhance your experience.

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Outer Inner Space

It's not about 'living in a dream world',

but acknowledging that our dream worlds are equally as important to our experience as what some may call reality.

The reality is you have imaginations.

The reality is we're existing in all manner of waves.

When we can select waves in our imagination to tune to,

we discover our creative power.

Attunement might occur through feeling how the end result would feel,

or allowing glimpses of the scene to appear.

You might alter your body to the way you'd hold yourself in that scenario,

or you might hear snippets of dialogue that are greeting you from a future you're tapping into.

It's about using focus to create.


Your whole being.


Then noticing

how it appears for you.

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It's not either / or,

it's this, and.