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Work Enhancement Natal Insights
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Natal Chart + Q&A Session

Natal Chart + Q&A Session

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"You definitely have highlighted aspects that weren't ever discussed before I love it. Truly.
I especially love the notes like (moon), (Scorpio) because it helps me understand where everything is coming from. I also love how you mentioned the supporting energies and where to look within myself for support. I'm so happy!"

- @thelizmiller

"Wow!! Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. 
After reading this, I feel seen, validated and empowered to take life on! I will never forget this and I will surely return to it when I start to feel lost or need a reminder of my unique gifts."
- Taylor S.

"I am so pleased with the notes! Your words have resonated in me so much, I can't believe it. I cried a bit to be honest."

- @lumosmoon


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