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These offerings are designed with specific intent —

to identify innate magic & to tune you back to you

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Natal Chart Interpretation

Natal Chart Interpretation

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Earth Sign Natal Read

Earth Sign Natal Read

2nd House Valuation

2nd House Valuation

Natal Chart Q&A Audio

Natal Chart Q&A Audio


1 on 1 session

An Energetic Prescription.

Upon receiving your order I look at your chart to see what main characteristics stand out. 

I create space to let your chart/energy percolate in my field

, and consider the possible links to the query you have presented.

The writing/recording of the insights is spaced over several days to give the insights room to breathe and evolve beyond the surface level findings.

You will receive the completed natal chart with my best intentions.

The OIS Process


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"You definitely have highlighted aspects that weren't ever discussed before I love it. Truly.
I especially love the notes like (moon), (Scorpio) because it helps me understand where everything is coming from. I also love how you mentioned the supporting energies and where to look within myself for support. I'm so happy!"

- @thelizmiller

"Wow!! Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. 
After reading this, I feel seen, validated and empowered to take life on! I will never forget this and I will surely return to it when I start to feel lost or need a reminder of my unique gifts."
- Taylor S.

"I am so pleased with the notes! Your words have resonated in me so much, I can't believe it. I cried a bit to be honest."

- @lumosmoon

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