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Attuning to your chart can help identify timing perspectives, 

ideal work & creative flow, strategies for transmuting energy and methods to understanding your inner needs and values.


 The lens of our chart allows each of us to embrace more aspects of who we are, thus gifting ourselves with more freedom and headspace to move forward in alignment.


For years, I've worked immersively to understand the dynamics of the natal chart and the energetic expressions astrology offers.

Significant attention goes into each interpretation, so the value you receive from the insights far outweighs the initial investment. 


Outer Inner Space


Upon receiving your order I look at your chart to see

what main characteristics stand out. 

I create space to let your chart/energy percolate in my field .

Over several days I record the insights to enable room to breathe

and evolve beyond the surface level findings.



"I so much appreciate you for the chart reading. You do have an compassionate ability to read a chart. 


I glean much from the reading.
You confirmed what I have been feeling and paths life has been guiding me.

Thank you for your insight; you have given me more information to grow.


From you I received more confidence about proceeding in life in a manner most authentic to me.  Thank you!"

-  Cat

Outer Inner Space
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