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To ground ESP abilities is to understand how the body

operates as energy field,

constantly in communication with other energy fields — 

always transmitting and

receiving messages. 


When attention is placed on

understanding and refining

your own field,

your own output,

then incoming and peripheral messages can be interpreted more accurately.


The way your field operates is

multi-layered and very specific.


No-one else can truly accurately perceive it through their own lens of perception/their own field filter.

It's designed for you. 

All that is required to hone your field

is space in your own energy,

frequent, consistent moments

of attention

and an openness to the idea that

you're so much more

than what you've been told.

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To access these enhanced

states of perception,

it's integral that we practice energy management, including the clearing of any residual energy stored 

in our physical vessel and

in our energy field. 


If we're clogged up

by past pains and patterns

it casts a filter over 

our perceptions.


It's very likely that you have

nuanced abilities to read energy

with your field,

through body sensations,

visuals, thought packages or audibly.

Probably a combination of all.


In order to refine these senses, we need to attune our 'luminous filaments' back to a state of balance.

Not perfection.



all that's required to do this is attention  and curiosity. 

Combining factors of mental imagery,

body sensations, breath work and 

openness to any holographic impressions which occur is

is the simple and free act of

attunement, back to this state of personal equilibrium.

(more on this is Part 4)


This is both an ongoing and natural process 

and regular practice will open 

so many gateways to your

extra sensory perceptions.

We can 'see' more. 


Then, we're able to

pick up more cues from

our environment,

from others,

from Source.


Chances are, when you were young, your ES Perceptions were powerfully on point. 

Through non-validation, blatant recrimination and the social constructs we're born into, we shut down these perceptions in order to become acceptable.


They never leave us though,

they just get covered over. 

Energy is always in motion.  

These repeatitive beliefs are simply operating on a very small and practiced circuit.

Circuits can be disrupted by your own focused intervention. 

Breath will open them up. 

As we work on diffusing this energy in our own field, 

our antennae is no longer attracted to vibrations of that nature. 

When that opens up,

so does your field of perception.

These notes aim to set you on your way,

to tuning the vessel and

refining your connection

to your extra sensory perception.  

That's when things get really fun.


Interference Patterns